Single button start-shutdown in MCP1640 circuit with modes

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I am trying to modify this circuit incorporating a n.o. pushbutton to power it on and off, and to have different modes depending on how long the pushputton is pressed. I would like to use an Attiny13 to control the logic for the modes and control the on-off but I am new to circuit design and wondering if anyone could help.



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Use mBlock, take a look at this thread -

Here is an example of a pulse sequence generator done in mBlock -

Here a V to PWM circduit using mBlock -

Other block languages, Visuino, Snap4Arduino, Scratch for Arduino, Adublock, each with own unique capabilities,
but also common characteristics. You learn one, the rest easy to use as well. Many videos on web to learn.

All of these generate Arduino code, C like code, that you can view, learn from should you want to
learn C. The IDE in each of these takes your block configuration and generates the Arduino code
for you, then programs part.

Programming ATTINY85 easiest done by using Arduino Uno or Nano board as a programmer.

Regards, Dana.
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