Battery life calculator software

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Hi everyone,

First of all, nice to meet you all. I've always admired this field but I never thought I have the capacity to actually do anything in it. That being said I started learning stuff with the pandemic cause I had the time and yeah ... it's even more amazing now.

That being said, one of the biggest issues I've encountered was the battery life calculation. I mean, so many components go on a PCB and some have also specific states, like the ESP32 microcontroller, it's using way much power for the time it's sending a message than for the time it's just sitting around (maybe in sleep) or reading a sensor via I2C.

Cause my background is mostly in IT, hardware and software I've decided to make an app that can help with that.

My question is: would you guys see yourselves using such an app?

The main attraction for it, is that you can add a battery of a known capacity, add components and if the case need be the states for those components and run times for those states, at the end the app will basically calculate how much time your device/board whatever will run for, like an hour, a day ... maybe a month or a year.

Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated.

Thank you.