1. BeholdenLemon71

    Is it possible to make an amplifier with the tda8588bj/r1 ?

    I have an old bronken sony cdx-gt207x and I wanna know if it´s possible to make an amplifier with his tda.
  2. violapwr

    Summing Amplifier Channel Isolation Problem

    I'm designing a quad-preamp circuit (for an experimental musical instrument). Each pre-amp channel is read by the analog input of a microcontroller before being summed together. The issue is that there is a ton of crosstalk being reported by the microcontroller between the four channels. I'm...
  3. U

    RF Amplification problem

    Hello, I work on an exercise I made up for myself and I need some help. I want to build a small RF receiver with a central frequency of 50MHz. I made a model of the antenna. I put a band pass filter after it. Both are centered around 50MHz. I want to amplify the received sine with a 7V voltage...
  4. JohnSnow16041992

    100K preset with AD620 instrumentation amplifier good idea or bad?

    So I am planning to use an AD620 instrumentation amplifier in my circuit. The gain formula is G = 1+(49.4KOhm/Rg), Rg being the deciding resistance value. By that logic if a 100K preset or Pot is set to zero, Gain attempted is (∞ + 1), which besides being impossible is also way above the 10000...
  5. kapcina

    Amplifier with 500 voltage gain

    I want you make a amplifier with 500 voltage gain and use a amplifier with common emitter, but I can't get a gain over the 100 with any value of resistors. Vdd is 12 V and b is 100
  6. blink13

    Seeking Advice for Three Stage Amplifier Project: Improvements and Real-Life Feasibility

    Hello, I am a student tasked to build a working amplifier, I do not know much of what I am doing. I've got a three-stage configuration that consists of a single ended differential input stage, a common-emitter VAS stage, and a Sziklai pair output stage. It's supposed to be a 15W amplifier to a...
  7. C

    Need help with FM Radio Transmitter / Amplifier

    So I purchased this : (HanRongDa HDR-831) HanRongDa HDR-831 It's working great but the practical range is about 15 meters. I'm looking to upgrade this. The thing is, I know very little about radio frequencies and antennas. Can something like this work ? Ebay Amplifier The device I purchased...
  8. henry4700

    Clipping Class AB Amplifier output

    Is there any problem of my circuit? How can I fix the clipping?
  9. S

    Need help with identifying the topology of this Amplifier Circuit

    What is the purpose of this circuit?
  10. jcatkeson

    Masuda Electric Dust (Re)mover

    Hi, I'd like to build one of these: https://phys.org/news/2006-04-lunar-buster.html Basically it's a sort of static electricity linear motor that pushes dust around. I understand general principles of electronics and have built a few circuits from kits, but that's about it. I figure this...
  11. K

    Noob question about PS rail

    I'm looking into this (attached) schematic for a bass amp. I'm not sure, why the low voltage supply (+-16V) has his own transformer windings, regulators etc. but then it's connected to the hugh voltage rail? (I've circled in red) Thanks
  12. Stas06

    Effect of 10x Capacitor on Amplifier circuit

    Hi all, I bought capacitors of 22kµ instead of 2.2kµ. I was wondering whetther this circuit could still work with the 22kµ and what the effect is on the circuit. I'm not a electrical engineer so my knowledge is rather limited in this field. My best guess would be that these are used for the...
  13. A

    Determining Amplifier Input Power

    Hi All, I am trying to setup my Sony N500 Xplod Car Amplifier in home environment. I have presently a 20A fuse placed in a 25A socket of the Amplifier. Its input is 12V. So I believe a SMPS of 25A 12V will suffice its working. I am intending to change the 20A fuse to 25A as well to support...
  14. O

    Need help with modding hackrf one RTL-SDR card with right amp

    I'm trying to modding HackRF one rtl-sdr card, regarding this articles card have problem with tx bellow 100 MHz, lots of user complains about burning card, precisely MGA-81563 chip, I already burn once MGA-81563, and I replaces two of them. Someone suggest LVA-123+, but pins construction are not...
  15. K

    Amplifier 50 Hz hum

    I'm trying to detect the source of the problem and hope you can help me to where should i look for it. So when I'm raising the volume on the amplifier the hum gets more quiet then if its 0 volume.(Without any input, just the speaker connected) It's not ground loop probably. Already checked.
  16. Lavin.devil83

    Changing pwm Amper

    Hello I really need your help I need a circuit to change amp of Pwm Input : pwm 12V 5Amp Output: pwm 12V amp between 15-50 amp I have to say I don't know programming or program any type of IC I know I have to pay money for design a circuit like thus, but I live in Iran we can't and don't let...
  17. M

    Amplifier turns on and off

    Hi! I have bought a headphone amplifier which I have made small changes to. The two things I've done is: - disconnect the on-off button by soldering a cable between the poles - adding longer wires to the diode so that the led could be attached a bit from the amplifier What have happend...
  18. A

    Localization of first and second poles in this circuit

    Is the second pole in the node marked in red? I am not sure
  19. A

    Finding the gain expression for this CMOS operational transconductance amplifier

    So here's the circuit: I think M2 is a common source amplifier and M4 a common gate amplifier, so they form a cascode amplifier where the gain is given by : Av = -gm2 * r0, r0 is the impedance at the node where the drain of the common gate amplifier is at (Vop). r0 = ( [rds8 // (rds2a * (...
  20. J

    How to trigger a relay when the signal voltage slowly rises from 0v to 12v?

    Hi all, My requirement is to connect an additional light in parallel to my car's interior cabin light. My car supports upto 10w and I already have a 2W LED bulb inside, and the additional light is about 25W, so connecting it directly is not an option. So I connected a 12v relay with the signal...