How to repair a thermoelectric wine cooler

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This thread summarizes the findings of multiple efforts at repairing a wine cooler and SUCCESS STORIES.
If you are fond of reading epic sagas then you can read the full story here:

If you would prefer to cut to the chase then read on.

Glossary and acronyms
PSU - power supply unit
TEC - thermo electric cooler


Replacement Control Boards





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Model Numbers

A&K wine cooler - board C-3909C

Baumatic BW28BL

Danby DWC1233BL-SC - Control board MP-012 PCB140411K2

EdgeStar TWR182ESS - Control board FX-101 - version PCB90829F1
EdgeStar TWR215ESSDLX - Control board ? similar to FX-101

Emerson FR24SL - Control board FX-101 - version PCB80920K3 10.5V
Emerson FR966 - Control board FX-101 - version PCB70323E1 FX-101 - Foshan Hanyi Computer Device Co. Ltd.
Emerson FR966T -Control board FX-101 - version PCB90829F1

Frigidaire KFWC08T5LB - Control board FX-101
Frigidaire FFWC18L2QB - Control board FX-101B version PCB120606F1


HomeImage - Control board PCB130312K8

HomCom 800-057 - Control board HYS5A60-JH PCB160706F2


Koldfront TWR121SS - Control board TWR282S/TWR160S/TWR121SS

Koolatron 6 bottle wine cooler - Control board FX-101 10.5V

Miele KWT6321U
Miele KWT6322U

NewAir - Control board FX-101
NewAir - Control board MP-012 PCB120102K3
NewAir AW-321ED

Twin Star HYS60-12-KD - Control board PCB111122K6

Vinotemp VT-12TSP-2Z
Vinotemp VT-18TEDS
Vinotemp VT-18TSBM
Vinotemp VT-28TEDS

Westinghouse Wine Cellar Model WWT080MB - Control board FX-101 PCB121110K1

Whynter CHC-251S

WineCase 6, Model SC-06A - Control board MP-011 PCB120102K3

Wine Enthusiast - Control Board FX-100-1 PCB100817F4
Wine Enthusiast - Control Board FX-101
Wine Enthusiast - Control Board FX-101B version PCB120606F1
Wine Enthusiast Model #272 0319 05

WSJ Wine Club - Control board FX-101

Poster's Comments
Found this board to be functionally identical to the FX-101 but it is a different size.
PCB80812K1 MP-031 SH10241

Fitted and working ok. It is advertised as being a part for a Dihl WF-32.

This board also looks very similar:
PCB130312K7 HYS60-12-KR V-0 130C

Also just listing these similar parts to put everything in one place to aid others trying to find replacements:

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You came here because your wine cooler stopped working.
If you cannot find what you are seeking please start a new thread.
If you managed to fix your cooler please post your results on successful stories.
You can follow previous successful repairs at this thread:

Most of the coolers mentioned in this thread use the same control board, labelled FX-101 or FX-102.
Some boards may be laid out differently but they all appear to follow the same circuit design and part numbers and values.

#1 culprit is capacitor C8, 47μF 25V. Replace it.
The large majority of failed coolers were working again after replacing electrolytic capacitor C8, 47μF 25V.
It would be a good idea to replace it with a higher voltage rating, 36V, 50V, 63V if the replacement has the same footprint.


If you wish to add your success story then you can do so on this thread:

If you are trying to repair your wine cooler and did not find a solution in the link above then please start a new thread.

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Wine Enthusiasts Control Board FX100-1 PCB 100817F4

Wine Cooler FX100-1.jpg

Wine Enthusiast Mod 272 48 02 51W
FX100-1 PCB 100817F4

Capacitors as listed right to left in photo

C202 4.7uF 50V 5x11
C206 47uF 25V 5x11
CA2 22uF 25V 5x11
CA4 4.7uF 50V 5x11
C201 47uF 25V 5x11
CA1 47uF 25V 5x11
CA5 47uF 25V 5x11
C4 1uF 50V 5x11
CA3 47uF 25V 5x11
C5 22uF 25V 5x11
C8 47uF 25V 5x11
C7 1uF 50V 5x11
C9 4.7uF 50V 5x11
C13 4.7uF 50V 5x11
C14 4.7uF 50V 5x11
C10 2200uF 16V 10x25
C12 330uF 200V 12x35
C15 330uF 200V 12x35
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