RT on 0757-83835908 Wine Cooler Power Supply #2

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Thanks for all the help.
I bought a inrush limiter from Digi Key and a couple of caps. Only replaced the inrush limiter an IT WORKED!

Thanks once again to everyone for the help,
Hey John, are you still active on that post? I have the exact same board as you. The screen flickers when I power it. Something is burn on the other side, any way of repairing it? Reply to the post and I'll show a picture

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Check out the voltage here on points A B, it should be about 300V DC on a 230V AC supply, and around 150VDC on a 120V AC supply.Polish_20220108_184450031.jpg


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Hello, greetings from Germany and sorry for my bad (school)english.
I have the same power supply.
The voltage between A and B was 0. Found two defective transistors (T6 and T7, Typ: D13005MD) and replace them. Now is 328V DC between A+B. Afterward i checked the points + and - from second picture (it should be around 30V). There are 0V. Does anyone have tips on how to proceed? @Dodgydave


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Can you help me please? Or someone else?
On the large transformer I measure primarily 70V DC and secondarily 0V. the transformer may be defective. Is 70V correct on the primary side?


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You have a switchmode psu, these things are a pain to repair, the two transistors self oscillate and pulse the transformer across the 330V to produce a lower output voltage.

(Sie haben ein Schaltnetzteil, diese Dinge sind mühsam zu reparieren, die beiden Transistoren schwingen selbst und pulsieren den Transformator über die 330 V, um eine niedrigere Ausgangsspannung zu erzeugen.)


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Are you talking about clothes washer or dish washer and fridge?
Good luck............

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Forget washing… Sorry for my bad english!
Are there experiences with components that break?
Yes. All components sometimes break. Some break more frequently than others.

If you read through the repair notes for wine coolers there is one component in the switching power supply that takes 1st prize for breaking and that is C8, a 47μF 25V electrolytic capacitor.


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Thanks for your Support! In fact c8 is defective (only 22μF). Replace with 47μF 35V (a bit thicker). Unfortunately, the power supply is still without function. The measurement between + and - from second picture is farther 0V.