HYS80-j12 0757 83835908 110V

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I think I've read everything on this site for this circuit board. I have a 110V and hte only schematic I can find here is 220V and the component designations are different.
Here's what I see. The unit appears to regulate but not to the temp I put in the display. I have monitored the output to the TEC and it varies from 1.6V to 12V based on how close to setpoint it is. However, with a thermometer (digital) in the box, the displayed temp does not match the internal temp.
I did find that the TEC dielectric had dried out and added new dielectric grease.
Does anyone have the schematic for the 110V Board? I'd like to take some reading in various places to see what that might show me.
One thread had the bottom of the Board, which match the bottom of my board, . Where they pointed showed two point on the Board and indicated around 30V, I had 330V.
I know the internal temp thermistor is mounted to the internal fan cover. Where is the TEC thermistor?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. TIA