1. N

    Question about a Thermal Gradient Ring for Research in Rats

    Hi all, I'm a graduate student currently working on the neurobiology of addiction and pain, with an interest in the design of a novel thermal gradient ring that can be controlled between -5 degrees C and 60 degrees C (see the first attachment). Unfortunately, I'm definitely a novice when it...
  2. JesusLopez

    PID Controlled Peltier Heating and Cooling

    My goal is to rewire a Peltier AC unit by removing the on-board PSU and Analog temperature controller. I would like to convert the AC unit to Cool and Heat by reversing the Peltier modules polarity. Then control both heating and cooling functions with a PID. Then running it all with an external...
  3. MrChips

    How to repair a thermoelectric wine cooler

    This thread summarizes the findings of multiple efforts at repairing a wine cooler and SUCCESS STORIES. If you are fond of reading epic sagas then you can read the full story here: https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/threads/success-stories-repair-thermoelectric-cooler.101748/ If you would...