Avanti Thermoelectric wine chiller repair

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Have a Avanti SWC2801 Wine chiller. Took it apart because it was not cooling and display panel was lit with temperature, etc, but would not respond to commands.
The TEC1-12708 Peltier was bad. It was getting 12v but not working. I replaced it but ran into one issue.
The bolts to attach the heat sink on the rear of the unit are embedded into the chiller case and not removable. When tightening the nuts onto these bolts, one seemed to be stripped and would only tighten so far. it's pretty tightly attached to the peltier but I'm not sure how tight it has to be to function efficiently.
So put back together and powered it up. Ran for 3 hours plus but lowest temp was 63 degrees and no further. Used to get to 54 degrees The display panel still does not respond to the touch control commands.
I'm thinking that this is why the last Peltier failed. Probably just kept running and never got below 63 degrees or so. Could it be the Peltier is not getting enough amps.
I'm also wondering if the control for the display panel is on the main board. Could not find any detailed diagrams of either board.
I have read many of the posts about replacing the capacitors and other parts. Actually, Avanti has a replacement board, but wanted to make sure that is the issue.