1. T

    What are some easy ways to block over voltage and regen current from the load to the power supply?

    I have a power supply that automatically shuts off when an over voltage condition occurs. In my case, my load is a DC Brushless 3 phase motor (draws about 600 W) and it's triggering an over voltage condition for the power supply whenever I slow it down. If I don't care about efficiency and I'm...
  2. E

    Voltage regulator for battery powered microcontroller

    Hi folks, I think what I have is a fairly simple question, yet I've spent so much time Googling, that I've completely lost track of what is what. I'm looking for an affordable voltage regulator to power an ESP32 from a number of AA or AAA batteries. I have bought a pair of these (Dutch...
  3. MrsssSu

    Can this relay handle 2 circuit?

    Hi all, :) I found a relay datasheet at here. Just Wondering, can this relay handle 2 seperate circuit or just 1 circuit as highlighted in my diagram below?. Thank you :)
  4. MrsssSu

    Delay On and Delay Off

    Hi all :), The circuit on the left is a delay off circuit using NE 555 whereas The circuit on the right is delay on circuit. For hobby purpose, lets consider this scenerio. When light is off, the led will turn off after a 3 seconds delay whereas when the light is turn back on, the led will turn...
  5. MrsssSu

    Delay Timer using NE 555 circuit

    Hi all, :) I am trying to simulate a circuit at https://elonics.org/adjustable-auto-on-off-delay-timer-circuit-using-555/ for delay timer in NE 555. I have replaced the switch with a mosfet, however I don't get the correct output :). I have attached my LT Spice file below. I am not sure what I...
  6. MrsssSu

    TL 431a voltage regulator circuit

    Hi all, below is a TL 431a voltage regulator circuit. Just out of curiosity, what can I do to replace TL 431a with its internal discrete components circuit so that I can better understand how a voltage regulator works :) I have posted my LT Spice file below so that you can unzip and simulate it :)
  7. MrsssSu

    Beautiful rain drop lights using discrete components.

    Hi all, I saw this chip at here which is able to make beautiful rain drop lights and searched for the datasheet here for its internal circuits. I have searched the web that can do the beautiful rain drop lights using discrete components but could not find any. Does anyone know how to do the rain...
  8. MrsssSu

    Stepper Motor not get enough power

    Dear readers, I followed this code at here and built its circuit. However, the stepper motor does not get enough power or even torque or speed so that when I can stop the wheels easily by slightly touching them? Are there any solutions for this? I have checked that my battery are all...
  9. MrsssSu

    LM 393 discrete components circuit

    Hi all, I saw this article at here . I tried to simulate it in LT Spice, however, not an expected output. What mistake have I made? . I have attached my LT Spice below for amendment. Thank you for reading and have a nice day :)
  10. MrsssSu

    H-bridge using IR2184 chip.

    Hi all, I want to implement a H-bridge driver circuit. May I know how to make some changes to the circuit above so that it forms a full-H-bridge using transistors. I attached my LT Spice file below :) Thank you for reading.
  11. MrsssSu

    Generate triangle wave with phase shift from square wave

    Hi all, I am trying to simulate the circuit above in LT Spice but the output is not the same . It can be found here . What mistake have I made :) ? I have attached my LT Spice zip in the folder below for easy amendment. Thank you
  12. sm33.velraja

    Creative t6060 bypass the controll switch

    Hi, i need your help to fix my creative t6060 it has 9 pin din connector need to bypass as the controller is broken. I need advice to bypass it. The controller does following things on and off , volume control, subwoofer bass control, Aux in and headphone output connector.
  13. MrsssSu

    Led dim to bright then bright to dim in a flip flop ne 555

    Hi all, above picture is a ne 555 flip flop circuit (1 off, 1 on) and vice versa. Lets say the red led receives an input (1) that is a constant dc voltage, how do I make the red led to go from dim to bright and then from bright to dim and vice versa with the blue led? Are there any schematic...
  14. J

    Power Circuit for TB9051FTG Trace Width

    Please see https://electronics.stackexchange.com/questions/610932/power-circuit-for-tb9051ftg-trace-width If anyone could offer more advice about the trace width I should be using for the power circuit for the TB9051FTG chip, that would be hugely helpful.
  15. B

    How do I created pulse DC at higher frequencies?

    How can I create pulse DC current and is adjustable from 60pps to the khz range @60v, 1amp max? I'm thinking of something similar to my TIG welder at work, which is capable of controlling not only the pulses per second, but the ramp-up and ramp-down times. I have a Ridon Rd6018 power supply, a...
  16. S

    Energy calculation of a cuircuit simulated in Ltspice.....

    I have designed a subcircuit by writing code and did a transient simulation. How would I know the power consumption or energy consumed by the circuit? Thank you. santlal prajapati
  17. T

    Battery Life Duration for Specified Voltage Drop

    I have a 8 AA batteries (12V total) that is powering a light that draws .0517A. The light no longer outputs enough light when the battery voltage drops to 8Vdc. Typically I'd calculate battery life via: 2.5Ah * 8 = 20AH. Then: 20AH/.0517A = 386 hours. Does this equation change if I want to...
  18. MrsssSu

    How to fix this circuit (IR 2184) ?

    Hi all, I refer to this website at here . This circuit should give a complementary square waveform (R1 square wave & R2 inverted square wave). However, I did get a good square wave across R2 but R1 did not get any square wave. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have attached my LT spice below...
  19. MrsssSu

    IR2184 gate driver LT spice file

    Hi all, can anyone share IR2184 gate driver LT spice file with me that can be downloaded ? Thank you:)
  20. E

    Inverting Boost Converter that Short Circuits?

    Hello, I have an inverting boost converter which is giving me some difficulty. It can be found on pages 1 and 3 of the PDF attached (the non inverting works fine). This inverting boost converter should (and has in prototype) produced -100V - 0V without any difficulty. All control signals are...