1. A

    Design Aspects in PCB Design

    Hello, I was asked to help in reviewing an already done PCB for a product in my company. What are the aspects I should keep in mind when reviewing a PCB or when editing this PCB? For example, I know there has to be a review for availability of the ICs as there is a shortage right now. Also...
  2. T

    Non standard Flex Rigid PCB Design

    Iam looking at trying out a Flex rigid design to save some component cost,etc my current design has 5 ribbon cables running from a main pcb to sub pcbs.I can only find flex rigid designs that have the flexible pcb start at a edge of the rigid pcb, my question is could i have the flexible pcb...
  3. gautam023

    Copper pours and Thermals

    Hello everyone, I am designing a power supply board from a 72V battery pack using LT3958 (datasheet here) in SEPIC configuration. For SW node and GND connections, I used a copper pour without any thermals. This was because, when I used thermals the pour was not surrounding the pads. Is it safe...
  4. T

    Can you route multiple return traces to the same via?

    New to PCB Design and layout. While routing bypass caps, I instinctively give each bypass cap its own via to the ground plane. What would be the disadvantages of having two (or more) bypass caps share the same ground via? I suspect the consequences are more apparent in high-speed and/or high...
  5. gautam023

    Advice on first PCB design

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for any advice on my first PCB design. The function of the board is to monitor a battery pack and send the data to a smartphone via BLE. It also includes a power supply for Arduino and other sensors. I am using LT3958 in the SEPIC configuration for this. I used...
  6. B

    PCB Review - 200V Flyback Converter

    Hello, I have a first draft of a 24VIN 200VOUT PCB and I would appreciate any feedback and suggestions, especially from anyone who has experience with switching power supply design. This is a two-layer board with a ground plane on the bottom layer. Some things that I considered while laying out...
  7. P

    PCB Design: Footprint creation for Connector Molex Part 5024301430

    Could anyone provide me the knowledge on how to design the pads for this connector with special mark on point 7. How to handle the Shaded region in this design. 1. Is that need to be considered as a pad? (or) 2. Shaded region is no need to consider as a part in footprint? (or) 3. Shaded part is...
  8. nextofyourpcb

    Getting Your Morning Mix Exactly Right, Every Time

    Hi. My friend Conradie makes a new idea about the morning mix machine. In historical times, before the pandemic, most people had to commute to work in the mornings, and breakfast often ended up being a bit rushed. [Elite Worm] is very serious about getting his breakfast mix exactly right, and o...
  9. O

    TE- BNC Connector - Pin Description for PCB

    Hi, I am using TE Connectivity Right Angle 50Ω PCB Mount Fitting BNC Connector for signal output in a PCB Board. It contains 2 Pins. Is Pin 1 for Signal and Pin 2 for ground? Also, do I need to add any protectors(EMC, Etc...) inboard for this. Thanks in advance
  10. M

    3.3v PWM to 10V to drive Power MOSFETS with Low Rds on?

    Hello, I am designing and developing a low voltage Battery management system . i have designed whole circuit but in one small thing i am stuck. kindly help me answering it. Battery Pack specifications: 36 V 2.5 AH 10s battery pack. maximum voltage : 42 v Minimum voltage : 30v Power rail...
  11. I

    Pcb Design: ±Vcc, ±5v & ground planes.

    Hello, I'm currently designing my first Pcb and I don't know how to stack-up the layers. I The following list shows the components i'm using in my design: Arduino : +5v Ad9833 module: +5V Amplifier : ±Vcc or ±5V Multiplier (Ad633) : ±Vcc (Vcc > 8V) Switched Capacitor Filter (Max293) : ±5V...
  12. K

    NAU7802 PCB layout

    I think I've done everything I can to make my PCB as quiet as possible... I hope. Note that there is a switch mode power supply on the board but far away. Any suggestions/tips for how I can improve the layout? There is nothing on layer 4 bottom in this area. The ADC is measuring a load cell...
  13. G

    Which software for PCB CAD design do you prefer? Which software do you use for your projects?

    I have always used Eagle for my designs because it is free, well supported and nice UI. Recently I received a design in Kidcad which I tried to export to Eagle but I was unable to do so. Then I thought, hey! why not using Altium, because I see that most of the job offers for Hardware design as...
  14. D

    Dielectric test

    Hi all I need a clarification that i have designed a PCB board which has 4 layers, and no components has only holes with supply and ground. My board has failed in dielectric test. 1) How much time i can test my board for dielectric test.(1,2,times..infinity??) 2) my conductors are so close...
  15. D

    How to test the pcb boards insulation resistance

    Is there any method to test a 4 layer pcb board insulation resistance. Whether we need any coupons for insulation resistance testing.
  16. G

    Project Ideas

    Hello! I am a computer science and AI student, but I am getting into hardware. Over the last few weeks, I have become rather adept at designing circuits and PCBs (I might have audited a couple of courses but that doesn't matter... right?). I have designed my own version of a maker board --...
  17. shanekent

    Do you need a PCB designer to help with a project?

    Hello! If you need a PCB designer to help you with one of your projects, then I may be able to help! I'm offering my services at a low cost at the moment, so hopefully this proposition is interesting! I've been in the electronics industry for approximately 3-years at this point and over that...
  18. J

    How to adjust PCIE signals using Hyperlynx S- Parameter report?

    Dear All, I’m using Hyperlynx (MentorGraphic) for Signal Integrity test for PCIE GEN 1 Tx Rx & Clk signals. I imported Altium designed layout file to Hyperlynx. This signals (Tx, Rx, Clk) don’t pass S – Parameters when I run Serdes Batch Wizard. But it pass Channel Verification. 1) What are...
  19. E

    How to change trace width and spacing of diff pairs in the design using MentorGraphics Hyperlynx SI

    Hi, I am simulating my postgraduate project using Hyperlynx SI tool. I am testing on PCIe traces of my design. I did my design using Altium and I exported to Hyperlynx file to do the simulation. But I cannot change the trace width and spacing of Differential pairs using Hyperlynx SI tool. Is...