The Question about MOSFET Library Parameters in LTSpice

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I am doing a double pulse test of MOSFET (PN: IAUS300N08S5N012TATMA1). Since we have high voltage spikes and oscillation of Vds in hardware testing, I am also working on LTSpice of double pulse test. I am so confused about the parasitic parameter of the MOSFET lib, I know the MOSFET has Coss=2nF from the datasheet, but there is no Coss in .lib file, so I am not sure if the MOSFET .lib includes the Coss and if I need to connect an extra 2nF capacitor to MOSFET. The inductance L_d=2n and L_s=2nH are also included in the MOSFET, right? I care about these parameters since I need to calculate the oscillation frequency and check what is wrong with my circuit.

I would so appreciate it if someone could help.IAUS300N08S5N012TATMA1.JPG

Thank you