1. taharat

    12V 2A power supply with 1M ohm resistor, 1uF 250V capacitor and 1N5408 diode

    Hello everyone. I have seen many videos on YouTube where they built a capacitor based 220V AC to 12V DC power supply. But those were not sufficient for my project. I am eager to build a 12V 2A power supply where the input will be 220V 50 Hz using the following components: 105K 250V ceramic...
  2. M

    Nokia Earbuds BH-605 not charging

    Hello, I have this issue with the case of the Nokia Earbuds BH-605 where the battery is not charging anymore. I noticed that a diode has fallen off but I can't find it anymore. Below are some pictures. I'm an absolute novice regarding to electronics, is there a way to determine which diode I...
  3. mungs

    The relation between Vin and Vout (diodes circuit)

    Hi, can anyone here tell me if the function I found that relates the Vin to Vout is right? So I made a mesh analysis to find the current in the first mesh (left to right) and in the second and finally got that the Vout = (2/11)*Vi +6.328 (is it right?) threshold voltage = 0.7V
  4. T

    Diode usage in SPI modules

    Hi All, Hoping that someone can put me out of my misery. I have been searching the internet for the past 5days for an answer to this question and feel like I am starting to lose my mind. Can anyone explain why the attached schematic has a 1N4148 on each of the SDI_5V, SCLK_5V and CS_5V lines...
  5. Younes Thabet

    How to import a third-party SPICE model in LTSpice that doesn't have a generic component!?

    Hello all, I don't know if i am supposed to ask this kinda questions in this thread but i am going to anyway! Tried importing a spice model for BAV70 (Dual-diode SOT23 package) after seeing some tutorials, all of them use a a generic component that represents the symbol of the SPICE model...
  6. jacob_c

    Can you give me some hint for my PSPICE project?(transformer, diode)

    The project is about designing a transformer that converts 22V AC to 1V AC and connect it to voltage doubler as V_in So here's my schematic and simulation result. I'm having trouble with analyzing the result. The D1N914 diode that is recommended for this project, had Vd,on of about 930mV when...
  7. D

    Pcb mount version of n4148 diode?

    Hey, so I've accidentally killed a diode on my board and I have the schematic, however I cannot find the specific part online that needs replacing, and help finding the correct part or alternatives would help a lot. I'm pretty sure the diodes are n4148 s I've attached the part of the schematic...
  8. James_1

    Role of the two diodes in this circuit ?

    So this is the circuit that I have . I managed to define what his function is. The last question that I had to answer is what role does the 2 diodes Dz and Dh have in our circuit ? I'm not quite sure whether they do have a specific function in this circuit or should I just give a general...
  9. Parapala23

    2 +power source to 1LED load?

    It's working fine right now but I just want to ask if it is a safe idea? I used 1n4001 diode in each power source line so that the current flow won't jump to the other power source and vice versa.
  10. T

    where to find the R_ESR of diode in Datasheet?

    I have been searching how can I read some important inofrmation for my PLECS model regarding this diode but could not find it. here is the link. I looked on google and I find some youtuve video on how to read a datasheet of diode but did not mention the resistance. link of the diode:diode
  11. brenduan

    Arduino Motor Circuit Only Getting Less Than 1V

    Hello, I have built this motor circuit for my Arduino and when running it only gets less 1v and the motor spins very slowly and my bigger motor doesn't spin at all. I have attached the diagram that I followed below. The Motor should be getting 5v from the Arduino although something seems to be...
  12. X

    Soft limiter circuit with diodes and DC power supplies

    I have already worked on it but I can't seem to make it precisely as it should be. So the problem asks to create a circuit according to the transfer characteristic of the soft limiter shown in the figure below (blah). I managed to create a circuit (blah2) but it doesn't work because I need...
  13. T

    diode in series and parallel working principle?

    Hello, I would never thought I could not understand a circuit made out of diode but here I am. 1-the first circuit is two diode in series, when i measured the voltage between the them I found it half the voltage of the source which is not logic for me!!! as there is no current flowing through...
  14. L

    Connecting laser in a simple circuit

    Hi everyone, I designed a circuit to connect one laser on it. This is the circuit: As you can see the output is 3 V what is needed for the laser. Can I connect it directly? What do I have to change if I want to connect 2 lasers?