1. brenduan

    Arduino Motor Circuit Only Getting Less Than 1V

    Hello, I have built this motor circuit for my Arduino and when running it only gets less 1v and the motor spins very slowly and my bigger motor doesn't spin at all. I have attached the diagram that I followed below. The Motor should be getting 5v from the Arduino although something seems to be...
  2. X

    Soft limiter circuit with diodes and DC power supplies

    I have already worked on it but I can't seem to make it precisely as it should be. So the problem asks to create a circuit according to the transfer characteristic of the soft limiter shown in the figure below (blah). I managed to create a circuit (blah2) but it doesn't work because I need...
  3. T

    diode in series and parallel working principle?

    Hello, I would never thought I could not understand a circuit made out of diode but here I am. 1-the first circuit is two diode in series, when i measured the voltage between the them I found it half the voltage of the source which is not logic for me!!! as there is no current flowing through...
  4. L

    Connecting laser in a simple circuit

    Hi everyone, I designed a circuit to connect one laser on it. This is the circuit: As you can see the output is 3 V what is needed for the laser. Can I connect it directly? What do I have to change if I want to connect 2 lasers?