PID Controlled Peltier Heating and Cooling


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Nice! ... I'm only sorry I arrived late to this thread, I might've been of some help. But then again, knowing myself, I might've made things more complicated for you. LOL

Anyway, I see you solved your problem using SSR's configured as H bridges? I might've used nFets instead and things would've been much more compact and with a lot less wiring. But on the other hand, your approach makes the device much easier to repair if you ever encounter a problem.

I can also see that you practically worked things out all by yourself. Sometimes members of this place that are trying to help would seem to lay obstacles to what you're trying to do, but most of the time what's really happening is that they're trying to have a better understanding of your problem and also try to simplify things as much as possible. Sometimes too much, IMHO...

But trust me, there's tons to be learned from a lot of people that like to hang out in this place. Plus it's a lot of fun. Stick around.
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