1. B

    H-Bridge doesnt work

    I made this H-Bridge to reverse current in a heating/cooling system but no current is flowing. The transistors are 417-801, I am currently using another wire to connect the positive to either one of the outer red wires which is supposed to let current flow in each direction. I plan on using an...
  2. C

    Driving motors with atmega

    Is this circuit okay to drive dc motors with atmega? While sending to one signal input other one will be grounded from microcontroller. If not okay what additions or substractions are needed to create ideal h-bridge for dc motors to drive with atmega?
  3. MrsssSu

    H-bridge using IR2184 chip.

    Hi all, I want to implement a H-bridge driver circuit. May I know how to make some changes to the circuit above so that it forms a full-H-bridge using transistors. I attached my LT Spice file below :) Thank you for reading.
  4. JesusLopez

    PID Controlled Peltier Heating and Cooling

    My goal is to rewire a Peltier AC unit by removing the on-board PSU and Analog temperature controller. I would like to convert the AC unit to Cool and Heat by reversing the Peltier modules polarity. Then control both heating and cooling functions with a PID. Then running it all with an external...
  5. J

    Choosing Full Bridge Driver.

    I want to use the H-Bridge module shown in the attachment as a switch in a 12V DC circuit and would prefer if possible, for ease and simplicity, to use a full bridge gate driver such as the IRS2453DS [Data Sheet attached]. The H-Bridge comprises 4 IGBTs, rated for 75A, and the intention is for...
  6. J

    High Side Gate Driver Connections.

    Referring in particular to pages 23, 27 and 33 of the attached datasheet for isolated gate driver UCC 5390 S [from TI] to be used to power the high side gates of IGBTs in an H-Bridge module, is it correct that the 5V input to the VCC1 pin may be provided by an MCU [PVM], as suggested by the...
  7. K

    Power inverter H bridge drive signal design.

    Hello, I am currently designing a modified sine wave inverter using SG3525 as push-pull and ATMEGA238P as H-bridge drive signal generator and for other monitoring purposes. I don't want to use an H-bridge driver ICs so I want to implement some part of this design by Texas instruments...
  8. U

    Use NOR gates for PWM H-bridge driver while keep motor stopped

    Hi, I am trying to use the CD4001 NOR gate chip to control the DIR and PWM of a H-bridge so that the motor can run at variable speeds in either direction. I found a very good article about this discussing in detail how this can be done at lamja.com http://www.lamja.com/?p=58. While...