pid temperature control

  1. xJCole

    PID Controller Rex-C100 Help!

    Hey all, I’m new to this forum, and very new to electrics of any form. Not sure if I’m even in the right place to ask these questions but I gotta start somewhere. Im a part time knife maker and need some help with my Heat Treat Oven. Everything is built and works to an extent. When I turn the...
  2. Kadav

    simulink control design

    Hello i am using matlab R2014a , and i want to know how to use simulink control design . but i can not find it , is it a tool that we have to install, or there is a way to get it , that i am missing . Thank you very much
  3. Kadav

    Integrator on PID control Temperature

    Hello i am designing a PID control temperature project , but with the integrator effect , the PID seems to be continuing to function even at set temperature , can you please tell me how you fixed that problem ?