1. busevaran

    Trying to control a motor speed with a PID circuit.

    Hi everyone! I'm Buse. I'm trying to control a motor speed for a personal project. You can find the schematic of the circuit I found on a book. This circuit works with only the PID parts contrcuted. My problem start when I add the other parts. For example, U1 opamp (top left) is supposed to...
  2. JesusLopez

    PID Controlled Peltier Heating and Cooling

    My goal is to rewire a Peltier AC unit by removing the on-board PSU and Analog temperature controller. I would like to convert the AC unit to Cool and Heat by reversing the Peltier modules polarity. Then control both heating and cooling functions with a PID. Then running it all with an external...
  3. Z

    PIC- making potentiometer match second potentiometer not working

    I'm tryng to make a DC motor into a servo motor. The motor axle has a gear that is in sync with a gear on a potentiometer (MOTORPOT in the code) and I have another potentiometer that works as an input that the motor potentiometer should match in position however I set this pot(CONTROLPOT in...
  4. T

    what are the alternative PID controllers?

    simple rectifier
  5. xJCole

    PID Controller Rex-C100 Help!

    Hey all, I’m new to this forum, and very new to electrics of any form. Not sure if I’m even in the right place to ask these questions but I gotta start somewhere. Im a part time knife maker and need some help with my Heat Treat Oven. Everything is built and works to an extent. When I turn the...
  6. Kadav

    Integrator on PID control Temperature

    Hello i am designing a PID control temperature project , but with the integrator effect , the PID seems to be continuing to function even at set temperature , can you please tell me how you fixed that problem ?
  7. Rahulk70

    Completed Project Advice on connecting heater directly to SP2 relay of PID controller?

    Hello folks, I have an old Omega CN-9121 PID Controller and a 105Watts 115V Fibre heater mantle with an inbuilt K-type CHromel-Alumel temperature thermocouple also attached into it. I plan to use the PID controller to control the temperature of the heater. Looking at the manual below: Manual...
  8. C

    Embedded Derivative Control for DC motor speed

    Hi all, I am fairly new to embedded control systems, for which I am using a PSoC 5LP to implement closed-loop speed control. I am currently working out the code for the PID controller and this is the following code I have (in C): P = Kp*error; I +=ki*error; D=Kd(error-last); PID=P+I+D; Now, I...