solid state relay

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    Using solid state relay in high load applications

    What are the potential risks in using a solid state relay for a load between 10-20A? I've found HP rated SSR's with a surge current graph that I believes fits the characteristic of the inrush current of an AC or DC motor, but I also read that the peak current of the motor must be half the...
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    Driving solid state relay input

    Can a 4-20 mA (constant VDC) analog output on an industrial controller be used as an input on a solid state relay? I wasn’t sure how a device behaving as a variable current source might interact with a load such as the LED in an solid state relay that varies in its current draw. For example...
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    Determining inrush current on manufactured AC and DC Pumps

    I am using a couple pumps that are manufactured to be run from a standard wall outlet. I've learned that upon starting, both AC and DC motors can have inrush currents of several times the rated current, but I'm unsure how to determine if these pumps have any internal limiter on inrush current...