1. Conzo427

    Cooling 6 Peltier tiles

    Hello! I am trying to cool 6 Peltier tiles. They are 12v 5a. I have them sitting on top of aluminum cooling blocks connected to a dual fan 240 radiator. I am finding that the 240 radiator isn't coming close to cooling the hot side of the tiles enough. A large bucket of ice water works amazing...
  2. Vish Ram

    Peltier Device ON-OFF timer

    Hi Experts, Like to know, I'm preparing a Peltier Cooler with TEC1 12706, & in same I found Cooling side started getting Hot after sometime, So is there any formula/Calculation or Circuit suggestion, which provide Constant cooling by turning ON & OFF Peltier at specific time. E.g. when I...
  3. JesusLopez

    PID Controlled Peltier Heating and Cooling

    My goal is to rewire a Peltier AC unit by removing the on-board PSU and Analog temperature controller. I would like to convert the AC unit to Cool and Heat by reversing the Peltier modules polarity. Then control both heating and cooling functions with a PID. Then running it all with an external...