Peltier Device ON-OFF timer

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Vish Ram

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Hi Experts,

Like to know, I'm preparing a Peltier Cooler with TEC1 12706, & in same I found Cooling side started getting Hot after sometime,
So is there any formula/Calculation or Circuit suggestion, which provide Constant cooling by turning ON & OFF Peltier at specific time.

E.g. when I power Peltier (Switch ON), it started getting Cool, say after 3 Minutes, Cooling side started getting hotter, so i turned OFF the Peltier for 1 Minute & say after 1 Minute, when its cool down, than i again supply power to circuit & cooling again starts, in this way - i think i can get constant cooling,

Kindly suggest, if its possible, if yes, than what is the ON / OFF time of Peltier, for Maximum Cooling / Efficiency.

Thanks in Advance