1. john137

    stm8s003 timer1 channel2 capture doesn't work

    this doesn't work: TIM1_CCMR2 = 0b01; //its default input channel TIM1_IER = 0b100; //channel 2 capture interrupt TIM1_CCER2 = 0b1; //channel 2 capture TIM1_CR1 = 0b1; //start counter and yet this works with no problem (on channel 1) TIM1_CCMR1 = 0b10; //remap channel 1 on input 2 where ch2...
  2. ponas.jonas

    Calculating the prescaler and counter period for an external timer on STM32

    I am trying to get an external timer (TIM5) to toggle an LED at a certain time period. I am designing it to interrupt every 2 micro seconds. I use an oscilloscope to check whether it works as intended, but unfortunately it does not. The clock speed is 45Mhz And I calculate the period APBtimer...
  3. Vish Ram

    Peltier Device ON-OFF timer

    Hi Experts, Like to know, I'm preparing a Peltier Cooler with TEC1 12706, & in same I found Cooling side started getting Hot after sometime, So is there any formula/Calculation or Circuit suggestion, which provide Constant cooling by turning ON & OFF Peltier at specific time. E.g. when I...
  4. E

    Simplest way to generate 2ch clock 180 degree phase shift with 40% duty cycle 500kHz

    As the title describe. What do you think is the simplest way to generate 2ch clock 180 degree phase shift with 40% duty cycle and 500kHz frequency without any mcu/serial config input? Using two 555 cmos timers seems not like to optimal solution.
  5. I

    Change in runtime of a microcontroller based application

    There is a peculiar issue noticed, I need help understanding the reason and may be troubleshooting. There is a microcontroller(87S52) based board with ADC and IO lines. The unit is programmed to operate for a time lets say T secs. When the board is used in the system in stand alone mode, I tend...
  6. R

    Repair of 90s vintage Kambrook KD36 240 volt plug in timer.

    Having repaired an old Kambrook KD36 timer gifted to me by a friend, I'm sharing my circuit schematic and notes for anyone who might find them useful. The timer had been rendered unserviceable due to acid leakage from the two back-up batteries. The leaking acid had damaged some areas of the PCB...
  7. firashelou

    How to stop a timer delay using millis() from executing with NRF24L01 Network (Arduino)

    Hello, what i have in my circuit is 2 push buttons, the first for starting a timer of 3 seconds which then when the timer is done it sends a 1 to the NRF24L01 which turn a relay on for a specific time which is 3 seconds then turn it off by sending 0 to NRF24L01. The second button is reset button...
  8. E

    PWM configuration with Timer2

    i want to use pwm in my project. I am using pic16f18875 controller and xc8 compiler. i have configured the pwm and i was configuring timer 2 for that. But i am not getting the pwm output. I am trying to understand the use of register TxRST in timer.I want to understand the use of TxRST...
  9. Z

    How to read TMR0L and TMR0H registers together to create a delay?

    Using PIC16F18446 TMR0 module to create a 1 second delay WITHOUT the use of the interrupts. Here is the program so far: void main(void) { // Oscillator Settings: // HFINTOSC 8 MHz OSCCON1 = 0b01110100; OSCFRQ = 0b00000011; // Data Direction Settings TRISA =...
  10. 3

    Solar charger & timer

    Hi I need help building the electronics for a home project. Essentially I am trying to: 1. Charge a battery with a solar panel 2. Activate a 12solenoid valve controlling pressurized water with a push button 3. Have the solenoid close after an adjustable time delay I was able to find solar...
  11. C

    Install timer delay in pump circuit

    I am looking to install a delay timer in a simple 12v circuit that supplies a well pump (6A) in a garden powered from a solar charged battery. I want the pump to run for 10mins when a circuit is closed on a toggle switch. If the pump is to restart after it has stopped, the toggle will need to...
  12. Timbat365

    Pallet shrink wrapper automation.

    Hi, I know this is a simple one for most of you but I’m quite new to this so please be gentle. I have an old pallet wrapper that I would like to automate. I still want to be able to use it in it’s current form so was going to start with a “manual/ auto” selector switch after the turntable has...
  13. fahadnajed

    How do you make a digital counter circuit which counts to 10 minutes, it will rings a buzzer and when it continues to 15 minutes, it will rings a buzz

    I need to make a digital counter circuit which it counts to 15 minutes for my big project in my campus . When the circuit counts to 10 minutes, it will rings a buzzer. Same when it continues to 15 minutes, it will ring a buzzer again. (the circuit is for public speaking, so the speaker knows...