Change in runtime of a microcontroller based application

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There is a peculiar issue noticed, I need help understanding the reason and may be troubleshooting.

There is a microcontroller(87S52) based board with ADC and IO lines. The unit is programmed to operate for a time lets say T secs. When the board is used in the system in stand alone mode, I tend to get the run time as programmed.However, when the unit is operating close to a running motor, the runtime is T+30secs. Not sure why this is happening and how to resolve this.

I guess, someone here may have gone through similar issue. Request you suggestions to get through this.


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Things like that have happened to my controllers when operating DC motors with brushes. Electromagnetic radiation from a noisy motor can cause the state of registers to change.

I your case you might find that either electric or magnetic shielding of the assembly will help. I/O leads as well as power supply connections can provide a pathway into the chip and those might benefit by the use of low pass filters. The only way to know how the noise gets in is by experimenting.