1. M

    How to connect two MCU using SPI? What are the requirement and how I should processed?

    My slave MCU is STM32G0B1 and for master Im going to use SOM which has 3 SPI interface.
  2. sidd342

    Microcontroller Based DC Converter

    Hey, I'm trying an ambitious project, making a DC converter using a microcontroller. I'm using a PNP transistor to drive both the high side and the low side MOSFET. When I'm trying the circuit, even if I keep the duty cycle as low as 20%, there is a path to the ground for the current (I'm...
  3. S

    STM32F302K8 driven system with 4 pin header programming

    Hi All, I have a small PCB circuit with a brushless motor being driven by a Arm Cortex STM32F302K8 microproccessor it also contains mosfets and microswitches. This PCB has a 4 pin header for an external programming card, but this programming card has not been released and it has been 2 years...
  4. Lights&Sound

    Current Drop From Motor Resets Microcontroller

    Hi, I'm a beginner so please understand if I... you know... don't understand. I have the attached circuit built and when I run the motor it works fine, but when the motor stops it (sometimes) resets the microcontroller. I know it is not too little current from the supply, but more likely the...
  5. M

    How to extract code from ADuCM3 microcontroller?

    I know how to extract code hex files from ATmega328p microcontroller with ISP Programmer method is there any way I can do it with Analog Devices Microcontroller?
  6. N

    How to find out RAM usage in Embedded Electronic Control Unit (ECU) ?

    Please consider some professional embedded system with 16-bit microcontroller. I know embedded software build tools report program flash memory usage. I think they also report RAM usage but do they report maximum RAM usage? Build tools may not know how much heap will be used during run-time...
  7. L

    Help! Is there a way to implement this?

    Hi Guys, noob here. - I have board A and board B. Both have MCUs. - I have a reset signal going from board A to board B. The reset signal is normally HIGH (3.3V) - I have a digital input signal (logic 3.3V) going from board B to board A. - current implementation is two wires going to board A...
  8. D

    3.3V Microcontroller pin protection circuit.

    Hey all! :) I was looking for a solution to protect the analog pins of the ESP32 microcontroller. My circuit can produce voltages up to 5V and the analog pins of the ESP32 can only withstand 3.3V max. I found a solution online (picture attached) but I don't understand how the circuit works. I...
  9. plugnplay

    Designing a frequency divider

    Hello all, I am currently working on a project where I have to divide a 100 MHz frequency by n. where n could be any integer1,2,3,4,...9. where I want to give these n integer from external keypad or any software control. Is it possible to do it with #microcontroller based system or FPGA...
  10. M

    Trouble Receiving RS485 Data on EK-TM4C1294: MAX485 Communication Issue

    Hi, I am trying to read the RS485 Absolute encoder from EK-TM4C129. I am using the MAX485 module to convert RS485 to ttl, which is half duplex, where DE is Active high, and RE is active low. I have written the code to enable the Transmitter and receiver, where needed. we must transmit the data...
  11. K


    I have been trying to use the USB2244 on a board but i can't seem to get it working and I am not sure what the problem is. I have went over and over the datasheet but can't seem to figure out what i'm missing . I have attached my schematics, I have verified i have 3.3V, and also that the 1.8...
  12. J

    Need some guidance on frequency measuring project.

    Hello all, I will start off by saying that I don't know <snip> when it comes to circuit design or anything of that sorts, I am familiar with stuff like resistors, transistors, pots, and components like that, but I do not know about complex circuit design. I turn wrenches for a living and would...
  13. dabo

    Not able to read Interrupt Status Register and reset Interrupts on MAX30102

    I am currently trying to develop a pulse oximeter. For this I use the MAX30102 sensor and the NXP LPC1768 microcontroller. The communication is done via I2C. I have configured the MAX30102 sensor to generate an interrupt as soon as the FIFO is full. As soon as I start the program in debug...
  14. ponas.jonas

    [Solved] Motor’s Built-in Encoder Home Indicator Doesn’t Seem to Work

    I am playing around with an optical encoder built into a linear drive motor. There is a wire that is described as "Home indicator, TTL, Active high". I have connected it to PA4 on my Nucleo-F446RE (STM32), have set it to "GPIO_input" and have set the GPIO to "Pull down". I am trying to read...
  15. L

    Microphone to microcontroller

    Hi, Im looking for microphone to microcontroller. It is important that the microphone should have automatic gain. Im looking for microphone similar to https://wiki.dfrobot.com/Gravity__Analog_Sound_Level_Meter_SKU_SEN0232#target_5 but more cheaper. I found only max9814 and sen-12642 but that...
  16. F

    LTspice: using conditional statements to switch ON & OFF voltage–controlled switches in a resonance circuit

    Hi, An initially charged capacitor in a resonance circuit undergoes periodic voltage reversal (blue line), as shown below: A possible circuit to address this problem uses 2 capacitor banks & switch modules, as shown: C₁ and C₂ represent metallized film capacitor banks of equal capacitance...
  17. MrsssSu

    Arduino PID for propeller pendulum to balance horizontally

    Dear all, this hobby project I setup is using an encoder to make the stick to be 90 degress which is at 1500 steps (0 degrees=perfectly horizontal using PID control). My encoder counter code is obtained from video here and I have tested it which works perfectly well. Since this encoder is 1200...
  18. C

    How to introduce myself to the microprocessor world (MOVE FORM MCU's to MPU's)

    Hi everyone!, im currently a student, i know about electrical circuits, basic electronics, digital circuits, basic digital design, microcontrollers, programming and other things, im a biomedical engineer and currently im working as service engineer (giving maintenance to medical equipment) but...
  19. U

    How to write an embedded C program for adding two numbers stored in memory locations

    Can use a pointer to access content of the memory location on embedded c. I need to write a program that add two numbers stored in memory location. int *p; int *q; p = (int*) 0x30610000; q = (int*) 0x30610004; int sum=(*p)+(*q) Is the above code correct? I need understand how access a content...
  20. Belmont1010

    Problems writing data into registers. TPL1401 I2C Digital Potentiometer.

    Hello, and sorry for my English. I want to use a I2C digital potentiometer (TPL1401) so, before I use it, I'm reading the datasheet (I'm not doing any specific application, I just want to improve my few skills in i2c). In this moment I don't have the IC physically to test, but in page number 31...