1. Belmont1010

    Problems writing data into registers. TPL1401 I2C Digital Potentiometer.

    Hello, and sorry for my English. I want to use a I2C digital potentiometer (TPL1401) so, before I use it, I'm reading the datasheet (I'm not doing any specific application, I just want to improve my few skills in i2c). In this moment I don't have the IC physically to test, but in page number 31...
  2. AverageMoss

    How to detect 24VAC as 5VDC input for microcontroller?

    Hello, I'm working on a little side project for my home thermostat. I recently bought a nest smart thermostat to replace my old "dumb" thermostat and ran into an issue with the wires. I don't have enough wires to accommodate all of the thermostat functions. Running new wiring is not an option...
  3. M

    MCU detect when USB is connected

    I wanted the MCU I'm using, samd21g, to detect when USB is connected on the board. The USB is used to power some other things on the board and currently isn't connected to the MCU. Also, the MCU can only handle 3.3V. I have a pin open on the MCU that I can connect the power of the USB to it...
  4. M3D0

    Interfacing Microcontroller with a USB stick to read/delete files

    Hello ! So I am starting scratch the surface of the Embedded systems world. I have always wondered how to interface a microcontroller like the AVR for example with a USB stick to read the file names for example or the space left or even format/delete files from the USB stick without using any...
  5. Svennn

    Wine bottle storage quality sensor thesis

    Good evening all, Background: I am final year Electrical & Electronic engineering student currently in the process of completing my undergraduate thesis. The thesis topic consists of making a low-cost, non-intrusive, battery powered electronic device that is small enough to fit in the punt (the...
  6. N

    Please explain AIR1 standard SAE J1939 message.

    Consider a truck. The Electronic Brake Systems (EBS) ECU receives following message from some other ECU. Please explain this message. From where does some other module acquire the Suspect Parameters Number (SPNs) to send to EBS ECU. What does EBS do with the SPNs it receives?
  7. S

    Engine control IC simulation

    Hi, I want to simulate the product in the link in a spice program, but there is no spice file provided by the manufacturer. How can I simulate the functions of this product in a program like LTspice? - Product : https://www.nxp.com/part/MCZ33810EK#/ - Datasheet ...
  8. N

    Are Cross-wind compensation and Road crown compensation functions inputs to LKA function?

    Please consider Active Steering Assist Electronic Control Unit (Steering ECU) used in a commercial truck. It has Lane Keep Assist (LKA) function, Cross-wind compensation, and Road crown compensation. This ECU is composed of a camera input, and driver outputs to control the torque overlay...
  9. C

    Pokeys Alternatives

    It looks like the Pokeys 57U is limited to and older .NET version. Microsoft is currently using .NET 6.0 and it the libraries do not seem to be updated(they don't work!). We use these controllers with Visual Basic extensively in our factory to run equipment. If Pokeys will not be releasing an...
  10. flaviodsilva

    Motor control using MOC3041 optocoupler

    I'm currently doing my master thesis, and I'm now at a point where I have to control a few AC motors with a microcontroller. From my previous study about the subject, and from previous similar thesis, I've noticed a common practice is to use an optocoupler to separate low voltage from high...
  11. see_toby

    I need a Microcontroller with a sampling rate of 50kHz or faster, to connect multiple sensors for edge computing and stability characterization

    I'm working on a project where I have to connect multiple sensors to a microcontroller. We thought about using Arduino mega but the sampling rate (9600Hz) is too slow for what we want to achieve and the machine data we're trying to analyze. We need a Microcontroller with a sampling rate of 50kHz...
  12. vedaraj

    Why It is stuck in loop? RX pin is not receiving data from Virtual Terminal? #proteus

    This code is to simulate RFID reader working using AT89C51 in Proteus Software. Instead of RFID reader i am using Virtual Terminal for sending or scanning RFID, here in my case I am Typing ID in Virtual Terminal, string 'a' stores input and compares with existing string and gives Output. Problem...
  13. N

    What is Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF) ?

    What is Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF) and how does it differ from Functional Safety? What are examples of some SOTIF requirements that are implemented in automotive Electronic Control Units (ECUs)?
  14. S

    HELP!! I2c adc pic16, pic1LCD

    I want to use two or more adc channel using I2C and lcd. Can someone help me where i am doing wrong? I don't get a code error but also I can't get number on the lcd. I2c.c #include <xc.h> #include "I2c.h" unsigned char RS, i2c_add, BackLight_State = LCD_BACKLIGHT; //---------------[ I2C...
  15. C

    Somebody who own MSP432P401R User Guide?

    Hello people, Is there somebody, who can deliver me the user guide for MSP432P401R? I know, this question looks dummy. However the mentioned part lost support from the side of Texas Instruments, and they cannot send me the user guide. The User Guide has to contain information about the registry...
  16. N

    All ECU public CAN channels are on different CAN networks?

    Consider an Electronic Control Unit (ECU) mounted in a vehicle. Let's say this ECU has Three CAN channels as follows: CAN 1 CAN 2 CAN 3 Do these Three CAN channels have to be on different CAN networks? Another words, for example, CAN 1 and CAN 2 are never on the same CAN network? It...
  17. N

    What are comprehensive differences between J1939/Extended CAN vs. J1939/CAN FD?

    How does messaging work in CAN FD? How are PGNs and SPNs defined for CAN FD? For Extended CAN, SAE J1939-71 defines PGNs and SPNs. All the PGNs and SPNs defined in SAE J1939-71 don't apply to CAN FD? For example, in SAE J1939-71 PGN 65267 is Vehicle Position. There are two SPN's in this...
  18. Levent Bekçi

    Battery powered led challenge about power consumption

    I have an easy project but if you have enough experience about it. -I have a led which typical forward voltage 2VDC and current value is 20mAh. -I need to drive this led at the different brightness levels. And the levels will be changed by pushing a tact switch. And I have to lock tact switch by...
  19. N

    What are some failure modes and causes and effects of these failures for communication of fault information on J1939 network?

    Please consider Electro Hydraulic Power Steering (EHPS) System installed in a commercial truck. It has dual motors and dual pumps and dual pump Electronic Control Units (ECUs). These pump ECUs communicate with other ECU over public J1939 network. Embedded steering software executes in pump...
  20. 2

    How to get data from a circuit board with a microcontroller?

    Hi, I'm a complete novice in field of electrical circuits and have zero knowledge in this domain. Yet, I wanted to work on IOT but instead of using raspberry pi and similar, I wanted some data out of few devices. For example, I have a very old traditional treadmill which reflects the speed at...