1. praveenmax

    Doubts related to L239D motor driver

    Hi all, A begineer here. I am making a simple DC motor based car. I am using the following components, Two 12v DC motor (1000RPM, No-Load Current: 70mA (max) ) L239D Motor Driver Arduino D1 board Eight 3.7v 3800mah Li Battery (4 batteries for each motor ) My doubt is, 1. I want to run...
  2. ashokraj

    what is the inductance and resistance of the fan we can use for simulation purposes

    I want to simulate a AC ceiling fan operating with 240V. I want to add some external electronic circuit. I would like to analyze the behavior of the fan circuitry depending on my inputs. so could some one please tell me the inductance and resistance of the fan ?
  3. helencferry

    Home Project: What motor do I need for my battery-powered, motorized, high-speed 'lazy susan'?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me! In my project, I want to create a battery-powered motorized ‘lazy susan’, where the top part of wood will spin with an object on top. I am quite confident on how I will attach all the components to do this as there are many youtube tutorials on the internet...
  4. ashokraj

    which type of dc to dc converter to use to convert 5V, 80mA input to 3V 300mA output?

    Hi, I am working on a solar panel whose output maximum specifications are 6V, 100mA ( nearly 0.6watt). Practically these values came to 5v, 80mA when tested in afternoon sun. I want to run a motor whose operating voltage is (3~12V), no load current is 180mA. I would like to know...
  5. Rahulk70

    Brushed DC motor draws more current in one direction than the other?

    HI, I was recently trying to test the capacity of a battery pack I'm building and was trying to measure the current draw using a 35 Turn 540 brushed DC motor (apparently on the website I had purchased from said something about it being sensored, but I couldn't find any sort of sensor inside)...
  6. xThornx

    DPDT Switch Motor Control Precautions

    I'm trying to control brushed DC motor that is connected to a gearbox that moves a linear slide to raise and lower a sensor. The motor will be controlled by an operator that is raising and lowering the sensor before and after the runtime of the general system. I am trying to keep it as simple as...
  7. ashokraj

    connecting a motor directly with solar cell. Motor not working.

    Hi, I want to rotate the motor directly with solar. My aim is to change the speed of motor depending on amount of light on the solar. I do not wish to use any other power supply. I want the motor to rotate solely with Solar only. this is a very small project for high school students. What I...
  8. M

    AC DC conversion and power drill diy bicycle motor

    I have a few questions based on some little projects have been working towards finishing. The first one has to do with me trying to use my 120 AC powered corded drill as a simple converted bicycle motor. Show theme simple enough but my issue is how do I convert it to run on a battery? I would...
  9. lookingforhelp

    How to rewire old food processor motor

    Okay so i have a food processor motor but i cant find a wiring diagram and would need help how to wire it to work as a generator or just as a on off motor.
  10. D

    What can burn out a 3 phase motor ? Can turning it on and off be effective?

    Hello everyone ... For a project, I want to make an escalator smart with a number of PIR sensors So that the escalator turns off after one minute of not using it And for example, turn on 20 seconds later If this cycle continues, can it damage the engine? The specifications of this motor are 9 kW...
  11. maitrey

    Design Reference Sources (NFPA, NEC Codes & Standards)

    Hello All, I am a young professional electrical engineer who has just started working in Automation field. We build customized panels including PLCs, HMIs, Pushbuttons, Lights, Relays etc., I have been searching for a reference codes and standards that can be helpful for designing and wiring...
  12. Udara mendis

    Selecting a suitable motor type for a dynamic braking application?

    I'm designing a dynamic braking unit for an indoor cycling system to replicate the resistance experienced by a cyclist while cycling. I have read through different motor types which can be used for my application but could not decide on which one to go with. What parameters should I consider...
  13. D

    how calculate the energy use for starting a 3 phase motor until return to normal work?

    hello everyone , for a project i must calculate the exact energy that used for start of motor until the motor return to normal work in other words how much energy use for normal work of this motor equals the starting energy ? the motor is 3 phase 20 Ampere 9KW unfortunately i have no complete...
  14. P

    Can somebody help identify this 12V fridge compressor motor and driving circuit functioning

    Hello, I would like to repair this brushless 12V fridge compressor motor (Danfoss 2.5) but first of all understand how it functions. Inside are 3 coils. It has an electronic driving unit: 2coils (photo 3)pin1-pin3 and pin3-pin4 of them are driven by mosfets. Total number of mosfets=3: (the third...
  15. P

    Duty Cycle Calculation

    I am trying to solve a numerical where the Speed of a DC motor operating at 15V was measured to be 2000 rad/sec. Now a PWM signal is applied to the same motor to get a speed of 400 rad/sec. If the voltage amplitude of the PWM signal is 5V, then what should be the value of duty cycle? I know the...
  16. D

    Electronic circuit for a dispenser

    Hi, I would like to request help from anyone who can help. I am currently doing a project which is creating a simple dispenser. This dispenser requires a programmable timer which when activated will cause a motor to rotate a piece of acrylic for about 0.75-1sec to release sand granules. The...
  17. H

    Motor rewind help

    Hi guys, I’m a trainee in motor rewinding, due to furlough I’ve been pretty much working on my own the last 4 months so trying to teach myself to some success but also becoming stuck as I am now. I have an old Woods of Colchester 60slot single phase 8pole perm cap 220/240 volt fan motor. It’s a...
  18. N

    Very new to this. If I were to make a DC Motor shaft with cogs and gears circuit, how would I know the required ampage of my power unit?

    Very new to this so bare with. If I were to make a DC Motor shaft with cogs and gears circuit, how would I know the required ampage of my power unit (im thinking, battery AA holder). And are there any pre cautions I should take to prevent damage or potential fire hazard? I roughly know about...
  19. K

    Mosfet not switching off with solenoid valve.

    I want to switch on a 12V 1A(peak 1.4A) solenoid valve for 0.1-3 seconds(set using a trimpot) and then switch it off. I'm using 555(operating at 5V, triggered by a IR sensor which operates on 5V only) in monostable mode to generate a 0.1-3s pulse, which is fed directly to gate of mosfet(IRF540-...
  20. C

    Help identify a motor

    Hello everyone, I've been searching over the internet for a while and i didn't find anything useful. I have a dc motor and I don't know what type it is, nor what is it for. I don't know where I got it from. Can someone help me identifying it ? (sorry if I'm not at the right place) Thanks in...