1. C

    Electronic Overcurrent Relay (EOCR) Settings

    Hi, To give you some background I am currently working on an Automated machine for Manufacturing that involves two air-blowers that are powered by 3-phase 208V power. The blowers are set-up in independent circuits with a Schneider 3DM2-WRDBWZ EOCR and 10A/20A MCB after the EOCR. One of the...
  2. WakelessFoil

    Motor Controller Mystery

    I have been working on an Electro-Arc tap burner in the machine shop. The power feed mechanism only works partially, as the feed-rate potentiometer seems to have no effect on the actual speed of the motor. We confirmed the potentiometer to be in working order so I believe there is a fault...
  3. roll332

    Motor Automation Diagram

    Hello! Im an indoor electrican apprenticeship student and I need help with solving a task we we're given, since I can't seem to figure it out. A little context too: on the photo you can see a motor diagram, the thing is, when u press both the start buttons and all the contactors go down, you...
  4. ShortCircuitJ5

    Battery, Light sensor and a mini motor?

    First the picture, because a picture is worth a thousand words. Is this possible? If the light is OFF, then the motor stops. Low light brigthness = low motor speed. High light brigthness = high motor speed. Thanks.
  5. Answerzzz

    How to translate a connection (Step Motor Driver)?

    I am following this connection to get a driver to an Arduino and a step motor. The original connection is this: Green wire --> Step Blue wire --> DIR Red wire --> +5V My driver, However, has different pins. How can I connect to my driver? My driver:
  6. T

    What are some easy ways to block over voltage and regen current from the load to the power supply?

    I have a power supply that automatically shuts off when an over voltage condition occurs. In my case, my load is a DC Brushless 3 phase motor (draws about 600 W) and it's triggering an over voltage condition for the power supply whenever I slow it down. If I don't care about efficiency and I'm...
  7. B

    Microelectronics Motorized Pinwheel proteus design

    I need to build the motorized pinwheel project in proteus. Arduino 328 should be used as seen in the 2nd photo. I will be grateful if you could help me.
  8. G

    Force alternator to supply current only in 1 direction

    I have searched all over and have not found an answer. I am a newbie, please bear with me, I'll try to explain as best as I can. I have an alternator which I assume has a 3 phase wye configuration. I am planning on removing the rectifier. I would like the alternator to supply power when it is...
  9. xThornx

    Stepper Motor Design Parameters

    Hello, I'm trying to redesign the electronics for a camera's stepper motor controlled pan/tilt/zoom/focus features. The product is from China and there is no documentation available. I've managed to determine what parts were originally used to control the motors but there are no datasheets...
  10. pirlem

    Solar-powered mirror ball

    Hello dear Forum, I am new here. I don't have much knowledge of solar panels or motors... I was wondering how it would be possible to connect a small/medium solar panel (not too expensive) to a mirror ball motor (for a 50cm diameter disco ball). I don't have any of the materials yet, that's why...
  11. I

    Change in runtime of a microcontroller based application

    There is a peculiar issue noticed, I need help understanding the reason and may be troubleshooting. There is a microcontroller(87S52) based board with ADC and IO lines. The unit is programmed to operate for a time lets say T secs. When the board is used in the system in stand alone mode, I tend...
  12. R

    Tricky 20HP Motor Wiring

    I'm working on a 3 phase 20HP motor which its wiring does not match the the name plate. It does not have the traditional 9 or 12 wires sticking out the side which can be reconfigured for 230v/460v. Splitting it apart reveals a total of 24 wires, 9 pairs, 1 triple, and L1,L2,L3. Analyzing the...
  13. Circuit_closed

    Halloween coffin

    I'd like to make a coffin for next halloween that rattles and has audio play when anyone walks past it. I've got ptc circuit for audio and I have an idea about using a cam and motor for the rattling door but is there a way I can get the audio circuit to work with the motor controls? I was...
  14. J

    Axial flux motor with single coil

    Disclaimer: I am not an expert, only enthusiast. Hi, i want to experiment with a small scale axial flux motor and a single coil. The first question is what should be the polarity of the magnets? Same or alternating? The second question is what should be the shape of the coil. Is a core needed...
  15. S

    Protecting transistor from DC motor/Relay current spikes

    I setup two small circuits on breadboard with BD139 transistors to drive a 12v 0.2A motor and 24v 0.15A Relay to learn transistors, I can switch ON transistor through base resistor using 3.3v PSU. I know when motor/relay stops it can push back some current and i believe its called current...
  16. sforsandeep

    Best Motor (or approach) for building custom Luggage Trolley controlled by arduino

    As a hobbyist I am trying to build a luggage trolley looks similar to this Its motorized and can carry a human and its capable of moving a payload upto 150kg on flat surface or sometimes a slop of 15 degree. Its movement is controlled by arduino. Please suggest a good motor or mechanism for...
  17. praveenmax

    Doubts related to L239D motor driver

    Hi all, A begineer here. I am making a simple DC motor based car. I am using the following components, Two 12v DC motor (1000RPM, No-Load Current: 70mA (max) ) L239D Motor Driver Arduino D1 board Eight 3.7v 3800mah Li Battery (4 batteries for each motor ) My doubt is, 1. I want to run...
  18. ashokraj

    what is the inductance and resistance of the fan we can use for simulation purposes

    I want to simulate a AC ceiling fan operating with 240V. I want to add some external electronic circuit. I would like to analyze the behavior of the fan circuitry depending on my inputs. so could some one please tell me the inductance and resistance of the fan ?
  19. helencferry

    Home Project: What motor do I need for my battery-powered, motorized, high-speed 'lazy susan'?

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could help me! In my project, I want to create a battery-powered motorized ‘lazy susan’, where the top part of wood will spin with an object on top. I am quite confident on how I will attach all the components to do this as there are many youtube tutorials on the internet...
  20. ashokraj

    which type of dc to dc converter to use to convert 5V, 80mA input to 3V 300mA output?

    Hi, I am working on a solar panel whose output maximum specifications are 6V, 100mA ( nearly 0.6watt). Practically these values came to 5v, 80mA when tested in afternoon sun. I want to run a motor whose operating voltage is (3~12V), no load current is 180mA. I would like to know...