Install timer delay in pump circuit

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I am looking to install a delay timer in a simple 12v circuit that supplies a well pump (6A) in a garden powered from a solar charged battery. I want the pump to run for 10mins when a circuit is closed on a toggle switch. If the pump is to restart after it has stopped, the toggle will need to be flipped open, and then flipped closed again.if the toggle is flipped open circuit, I want the pump to stop.
I have bought a board which I think does what I need, but I need some help in wiring it in, and would appreciate any help.
The board has terminals for dc supply, and terminals for a trigger. There are 3 output terminals marked NC, COM & NO. I think NC means normally closed and NO normally open. My plan is to wire the toggle switch to the trigger terminal (in an unpowered loop) and then use the terminal COM for my supply from battery, and NO for the supply to the pump.
Attached is the circuit diagram for the board.
Am I on the right lines?



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You're correct with the pump wiring , Com and NO, as for triggering the timer looks like shorting the pins together and the relay operates for the set time duration.