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    How to read TMR0L and TMR0H registers together to create a delay?

    Using PIC16F18446 TMR0 module to create a 1 second delay WITHOUT the use of the interrupts. Here is the program so far: void main(void) { // Oscillator Settings: // HFINTOSC 8 MHz OSCCON1 = 0b01110100; OSCFRQ = 0b00000011; // Data Direction Settings TRISA =...
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    Install timer delay in pump circuit

    I am looking to install a delay timer in a simple 12v circuit that supplies a well pump (6A) in a garden powered from a solar charged battery. I want the pump to run for 10mins when a circuit is closed on a toggle switch. If the pump is to restart after it has stopped, the toggle will need to...
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    Solar Guitar™ prototype

    Hello, I am building Solar Guitar™ prototype, an eco-friendly, self-sustained musical instrument solely powered by the Sun: https://patents.google.com/patent/US9905213B2/en 10-15 watt, 2 speaker stereo guitar amplifier with reverb/chorus/delay/overdrive will be installed into the guitar’s body...