Pallet shrink wrapper automation.

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Hi, I know this is a simple one for most of you but I’m quite new to this so please be gentle. I have an old pallet wrapper that I would like to automate. I still want to be able to use it in it’s current form so was going to start with a “manual/ auto” selector switch after the turntable has started spinning (cable 5) with manual obviously continuing on its current path and auto branching off to a new control circuit. I pretty much would like it to move up for about 2 seconds then stall for about 2 seconds and continue that process until it hits the top limit switch then automatically switch to doing the same thing whilst coming down and then once it’s hit it’s bottom limit switch somehow unlatch the turntable so that it’s sitting idle ready to be reset via the start button? Hoping to do it cheaply with timers and relays if possible, I know it would be simple with a PLC but I can’t justify the cost. Please help!0D5F4E07-9C12-4661-92D7-A890872C56CA.pngFA851001-C749-4844-81A2-8225B316F288.png


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A PLC is the answer I'm afraid. You could look for something second-hand on ebay. Then you need the programming and development software. For some makes, this can be downloaded free. For other makes: hideously expensive.
Then, of course, you need to know some process control basics. Look up "State Machine".