motor control

  1. B

    Startups increasing efficiency in motors. Revolutionary ideas or old ideas dressed up with marketing?

    I was looking into companies or startups that were doing things with motors to improve efficiency. I stumbled upon Turntide Technologies, which has a partnership with Amazon. Turntide is making a software-driven motor that "enables precise and reliable control to effectively use every watt of...
  2. P

    Need advice on how to speed control 4.25HP treadmill motor w/o MC2100 MCB

    Just have to say at the outset that this forum is pretty awesome, and everyone is so patient with noobs (like me). I’m a woodworker looking to put to use the treadmill motor I harvested from my wife’s never-used treadmill. It’s a 4.25HP pmdc motor, cont duty at 130vdc/3171 watts. I had the...
  3. Khisraw

    Controlling AC powered devices

    Hi All, As an electronics engineer, I have always worked with low voltage circuits and found it very difficult to control high voltage, AC powered devices. In my last project, I needed a power board that I can just plug my MCU or DSP and control an instrument that needs high power. I wanted an...
  4. S

    Turn 6V motor on/off via 555 timer astable circuit and 5V relay

    I have been working on a circuit to turn a motor on for several seconds, and then off for a longer period, using a 555 astable circuit. The on time needs to be around 5-10 seconds, and the off time needs to be about a minute. To get around the 50% duty cycle issue and allow for a longer off...
  5. U

    Question about inductive spiking

    I'm working on building an electric scooter and yesterday the speed controller had a MOSFET failure that I suspect was caused by inductive spiking. This was very surprising to me because I had a schottky diode in parallel with the motor to prevent this type of failure. I took the speed...
  6. G

    Pro-form 530ZLT burned control board, engine has no torque

    Hello, my treadmill pro-form 530zlt got burned control board. It has MC2100ELS-18W control board driving this motor. I'm stuck in difficult situation as after getting board running again motor has no torque, I can stop it by hand. I noticed that commutator brushes are giving noise and sparks...
  7. T

    DC motor current limiter

    Background: I'm working with an existing motor+driver board with Vin being supplied by a 4.2V LiPo -> TP4056 Charger Protection Board -> Boost Voltage Regulator. I've also got another subcircuit attached to the end of the TP4056 module through another voltage regulator and diode that powers a...
  8. R

    Scaling system for motor control in fixed-point MCU

    Hi, I am designing a motor control application (sensorless FOC control) using a fixed-point MCU. I understand I need to design a scaling system to handle all the motor parameter calculations, such as angle, speed, torque, etc. Would anyone please suggest where I should start? I only used MCU...
  9. H

    Motor rewind help

    Hi guys, I’m a trainee in motor rewinding, due to furlough I’ve been pretty much working on my own the last 4 months so trying to teach myself to some success but also becoming stuck as I am now. I have an old Woods of Colchester 60slot single phase 8pole perm cap 220/240 volt fan motor. It’s a...
  10. C

    Branch protection circuit breakers

    I was looking at the FAZ-NA line of circuit breakers by Eaton, and I was wondering if the capability of these to provide short-circuit interruption and thermal overcurrent protection removes the need of an overload relay. It seemed strange that these branch protectors were so much cheaper than...
  11. Dave1309

    Alternative for IBT-4 Motor Driver

    Hi there, I am making a servo using a wiper motor, Arduino and potentiometer. I need a motor driver the one in the tutorial I am following uses a IBT-4 Motor Driver, unfortunately it will take two months to be delivered to me. Are there any alternatives for this which will do the same function...
  12. Pkm28

    Need help with 3 phase submersible motor starter

    The submersible motor in my home works when it takes 13A on starting using a starter board. But nowadays on starting it takes 15A when turned ON and no water comes from ground. So how do I reduce the motor current from 15A to 13A. If you need some data related to starter I could provide that too.
  13. S

    Problem with PMSM motor model in Simulink

    Good afternoon, I have developed a Vector Control for a PMSM motor in Simulink using Simscape Electrical but my motor is not spinning. I have tried applying various speed values but nothing happens. I am applying a step signal from 0 to 300 but the motor speed still doesn't move. My error...
  14. C

    Can't solve simulation errors in FOC model (Simulink 2020a)

    Hi everyone, I am trying to develop an FOC algorithm (see screenshots attached) using the Motor Control Blockset in Simulink but I am getting the following errors (see screenshot attached). I don't know waht I am doing wrong since I fed my d and q currents to my Discrete PI controllers and fed...
  15. C

    Is the LdTrq input required in the Surface Mount PMSM block ?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to implement FOC algorithm in Simulink using the Motor Control Blockset. I want to simulate the iPower Gimbal Motor GBM2804H-100T with the Surface mount PMSM block. However, I don't understand what the LdTrq input is or how to set it up. SInce it is a motor I do not...
  16. C

    What does Ki*Ts mean in Discrete PI controller ?

    Hi everyone, I am using a Discrete PI controller for an FOC algorithm I am developing in Simulink using the Motor Control Blockset. I would like to use a Ki gain if 2. At the input of the block, I have an input labelled Ki*Ts. If I use my gain with a sampling period of, let's say 1ms, should...
  17. C

    Understanding how to set MTPA Reference block settings

    Hi everyone, I am failrly recent to MATLAB and SIMULINK. I am trying to use to Motor Control blockset in Simulink to implement an FOC algorithm. I am using the MTPA Reference block for Simulink to calculate the Id and Iq currents for me but there are parameters in the block I don't understand...
  18. S

    Elmo Servo Drive User Programming

    I am currently programming an Elmo Gold Solo Trombone drive as a slave (for the position control of a servo motor) for a host ECU (Altran MUXlab4), communicating between the host and drive on a CANopen protocol. Despite having read all the available literature am a little unclear on how to do...
  19. C

    Does ST MC Workbench implement Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) ?

    Hi everyone, Could someone please let me know if ST MC Workbench implements SVPWM ? I have been looking at all features in the workbench but I haven't found any settings which allow tuning of the PWM algorithm. Thanks in advance.
  20. C

    Areas of improvement in Field Oriented Control (FOC) ?

    Hi everyone, I am trying to a project based on FOC and BLDC motor using Simulink. I have been looking at material explaining how to use FOC with Simulink but from what I have seen there is an automatic PID autotuner. So is there really anything that can be improved from FOC in MATLAB ? Thanks...