Motor controller

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I don’t know where this needs to go so I put it in general.
I think I need a circuit to control a 6v motor with a on/off switch. I assume it would be 1) battery 2)switch 3)circuit 4)motor.
I think I need a circuit that will run a motor for 1-3 seconds then stop for roughly 20 seconds then reverse for 1-3 seconds and then stop for roughly 20 seconds. Continuously repeating this cycle as long as the switch is switched to on. If possible if the timing is adjustable would be a huge bonus. And if there was an option to control motor speed would be amazing.

if it is a circuit I need would be interested in paying to have it built if there is anyone that does this

I’m sorry if they already make something like this and I dont know what to google to try and find it. And I’m sorry if this is in the wrong spot. Thank you in advance


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Questions: How accurate will the times need to be, How is the motor rated. What is the application? I ask this because there may be an alternative scheme available already.