Driving Peltier Device through L298N to control Temperature

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I want to drive peltier element to control temperature of one module. Peltier specifications are:
Imax = 9A and Vmax = 3.75V.

Such 4 peltiers are connected in series to control to module temperature.

I am planning to use L298N for driving it. As shown if I connect L298N two pins in series then I will be able to drive current upto 4A. But, to control my module temperature, Peltier is sinking average 4A current.
So, It I can't use single L298N IC as it will heat too much and also it will damage.

So, I want to know whether it is possible to use two L298N ICs in parallel to give higher current.
If so then please advice me for input and output pin connections.

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Sachin Panchal