1. JesusLopez

    PID Controlled Peltier Heating and Cooling

    My goal is to rewire a Peltier AC unit by removing the on-board PSU and Analog temperature controller. I would like to convert the AC unit to Cool and Heat by reversing the Peltier modules polarity. Then control both heating and cooling functions with a PID. Then running it all with an external...
  2. S

    I need a weird heater for reptile tank

    I have a 3 tier reptile tank, but apparently there are not other things to heat them other than lamps an mats. Needless to say I need to know if there is a way to build a circuit (or buy) one that can also regulate the temperature output with an accuracy of 1+/- degree. I basically am going to...
  3. yangmeta

    Transistor heating problem in slayer exciter circuit

    i made this project but it is not working and the transistor is heating up very fast, i couldn't find anything regarding this specific project but as far as i understood i should maybe use another transistor, what do you suggest?
  4. Glebiys

    Heating operational amplifier OP284FSZ-REEL7

    Hello, Task: to make a square wave with a frequency of 1 kHz in the voltage range (-12V - +12V), using a PWM signal with voltage (0V-5V). Circuit: Originally LM258WYDT (ST) was used as an operational amplifier, it did not heat up, but since it was not from the Rail-to-Rail series, there was...