Transistor heating problem in slayer exciter circuit

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i made this project but it is not working and the transistor is heating up very fast, i couldn't find anything regarding this specific project but as far as i understood i should maybe use another transistor, what do you suggest?

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i understood i should maybe use another transistor, what do you suggest?
Hi there. :) I suggest we investigate what other individuals are saying about the circuit on the website. Hmm maybe it could be a transistors.


2n2222a transistor is working in low current lod but in this Tesla coile current rating is high so is problem is comon
But u use 3-4 transistor in parallel so is working is good and heating problem is reduce

It's not working for me tansistor is too heating

mene 2n2222a ki jagah 2222a transisitor use kiya he...

It tansistor is too heat

Sir It not working and so tansistor is too heat

Can you use this transistor instead?:
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A different transistor may require slight modifications to the design, but may have easier-to-handle heating properties. A MOSFET like the IRF510 (I used that one for a plasma speaker) with a big heat sink may work. Furthermore, you'll need some kind of driver to get this to work (something to provide a 5V on/off pulse at high speed to the gate of a MOSFET). The original design does not appear to have said driver (which is why most of the people's comments are along the lines of "it doesn't work").