slayer exciter

  1. J

    What's after the slayer exciter circuit? tesla coil

    I made a slayer exciter tesla coil couple of years ago and It worked pretty well. Still, I want something more powerful so I was planning to make a new secondary with 2000 windings and a more efficient driver circuit, but most sstc circuits are too complicated for me and sgtc is too dangerous...
  2. blanana

    I need a recommendation for a Transistor

    Hello, I am currently trying to build a beefed up Slayer Exciter Circuit but I ran into a problem. The Transistor I wanted to use isn't easily availeble anymore and now I need a new one for the circuit. The old one was called "25K242". The new transistor should be a N-channel Mosfet with a...
  3. yangmeta

    Transistor heating problem in slayer exciter circuit

    i made this project but it is not working and the transistor is heating up very fast, i couldn't find anything regarding this specific project but as far as i understood i should maybe use another transistor, what do you suggest?