What's after the slayer exciter circuit? tesla coil

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I made a slayer exciter tesla coil couple of years ago and It worked pretty well. Still, I want something more powerful so I was planning to make a new secondary with 2000 windings and a more efficient driver circuit, but most sstc circuits are too complicated for me and sgtc is too dangerous, can someone recommend me an easy-to-build but efficient tesla coil driver circuit?
ps: I'm a beginner at analog electronics and don't have an oscilloscope
Well, you could use a vacuum tube. A number of coils have been built this way. And half the fun of building something like this is aiming beyond your current skill level. An SSTC looks complicated now but, by the time you get one working, you will know a lot more about it.


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If you want a Tesla Coil use a Tesla coil circuit. The "slayer" circuit is what used to be referenced as a "blooper" in that the effectiveness depends mostly on the physical arrangement and not the actual circuit.
An actual Tesla coil system is resonant by intention, with deliberate feedback of the correct phasing. Totally different from the slayer circuit, whch is just an oscillator, not a Tesla coil, no matter what they call it.