1. busevaran

    Trying to control a motor speed with a PID circuit.

    Hi everyone! I'm Buse. I'm trying to control a motor speed for a personal project. You can find the schematic of the circuit I found on a book. This circuit works with only the PID parts contrcuted. My problem start when I add the other parts. For example, U1 opamp (top left) is supposed to...
  2. Ivan Badal

    compute gclosed as a function ??

    I have this inverter and do not know how to compute gain gclosed as a function of R1,R2,R3,R4,R5 and R6?? V out = closed * Vin. Circuit is in attach file!!
  3. T

    change the voltage range or lower the minimum voltage

    Hello everybody! I have a very basic question, surely I am using the DAC pin of an arduino due, which supplies a voltage between 0.55V and 3.3V, and I want it to supply a voltage between 0V and 5V. how can I do this? Is it possible at least that it supplies between 0V and 3.3V ?. that is, only...
  4. T

    How do I not pass current with 0V input? is it possible to change the input voltage range?

    Hello everybody! I have two questions. I have this circuit where I want to vary the input voltage (V1) between 0V and 5V to supply power to R2. Is it possible to make the circuit not supply a power (0W) to resistor R2 when my voltage V1 is 0V? When I do the simulation with 0V in V1 there is...
  5. Alex_Khan

    CMOS Two stage amplifier design for differential modulated signal.

    Hello everyone, I am designing LPF based differential demodulator(LPF_DDM) to retrieve differentially modulated signals, which are on-chip capacitive isolated [shown]. LPF_DDM includes a differential amplifier, LPF, and Schmitt trigger. I designed a two-stage opamp [specification below], as a...
  6. D

    Defining DFLOP output

    Hello, I would like to know how do I configure the DFLOP with + -15 V or whatever other voltage. I tried several things but it still has + -1V.
  7. khuranarahul

    Modify Duty cycle by 20 to 50 times

    Hello I have a pulse wave coming from the photo diode, with T(ON) = 50-60us, and total time period is approx 20ms. Since this is too short a period (T1) to be detectable I want to increase it to 5ms, keeping the total time period same, that means I want to multiply the duty cycle by 20 to 30...
  8. C

    Discrete low-noise preamp for opamp.

    I'm designing some audio-frequency instrumentation for my workbench and am using TL074s for most opamp requirements. One section requires microvolt measurements and noise is therefore an issue. It's often difficult comparing opamps on noise and other figures because they're often stated...
  9. O

    Basic electronics, configuration of OPAMP circuit on breadboard

    Hello everyone, I am an optical Engineer, with a little electrical experience, but it has been a long long time ago since i have made any kind of circuits my self, however that is the "case"here, so i am hoping some one would be willing to assist me. Normally i would just purchase the component...
  10. K

    HMC1501 op-amp power

    Hi, Kian here, I am new to this forum I hope this is the correct topic. Anyways, I am a ME with little exposure to the electronic & PCB design arena. That said, I am self taught and attempting to create a magnetic sensor board that will have a header with power input, GND and a signal output...
  11. G

    Two stage op-amp not working.

    Hello, I wanted to build a two stage amplifier, but in my case only first stage is amplifying the signal whereas the second stage is just acting as a buffer and not amplifying the output obtained from first stage. The input to first stage is 20mV and its output is -1.92V and the same thing is...
  12. Andrea666

    Exercises with voltage and power

    Can you tell me if my result results are correct, and if there are errors where are they? I used the symbol rms to indicate the root-mean-square, Avo is open-circuit voltage gain, Ap is the power gain, Rl is the load resistance. i stands for input, s for source and o per output. > 1) A sensor...
  13. xenon_eleven

    Active Butterworth Bandpass Filter unexpected peak

    I am currently trying to design a bandpass filter in a simulator for a university assignment to the following criteria: Frequencies below 1KHz and above 250KHz should be attenuated. Note that you will need to calculate the cut off frequencies given the pass band (1KHz to 250KHz) should not be...
  14. 8

    Gate Driver vs Opamp

    Hello, I build an RLC circuit using the MCP1402 as a gate driver. At resonance the MCP1402 will drive a 20 ohms load (plus 3 ohms which is the DCR of the coil). Unfortunately the MCP1402 has around 12 ohms output impedance (according to this) and so it cannot drive the load effectively. A more...
  15. C

    Using audio LC filter circuits instead of RC.

    I'm designing a small mixer and stopped at the equalizer section when I recalled the number of small inductors (axial and SMD) in my parts kit. If you search 'filter circuits' or similar you'll ALWAYS get the standard RC topologies, and I'm thinking more of IC feedback types than the usual...
  16. H

    A current-source LED circuit with an op amp

    Dear Team, Please see the attached image which shows the circuit of driving LED using an opamp. We are fixing current through LED using opamp. I am clear about how they obtained the current equation.Isense=Vin/Rsense because opamp is in negative feedback My question is why they are not...
  17. R

    Op-Amp Voltage Follower Outputs ~+Vcc when IN+ is 0V

    Hi all, I'm fairly new to working with operational amplifiers and so I'm just messing around with a few basic circuits. Had a comparator working fine to switch an LED on/off based on some variable reference voltage, but now I'm trying to get a working voltage follower. I have 2 different...
  18. Mayank_2606

    Can someone explain me the working of this circuit?? Squarewave Oscillator

    I am new to LTSPICE and have been experimenting with designing with op amps as filters and oscillators I recently came around this circuit of a "squarewave oscillator" in LMx58 Datasheet and with an aim to replicate it i decided to use an op amp in the LTSPICE viz. LT1007 to create a similar...
  19. S

    8th order sallen-key butterworth lowpass filter

    Hi guys, I'm running into some problems designing a 10MHz 8th order sallen-key butterworth lowpass filter. My requirements are: cornerfrequency f_c = 10 MHz max passband gain of 0.5dB filterorder of 8 available components: resistors, capacitors, op-amps What I have tried so far: I found...
  20. B

    Rail - to - rail opamp

    Hello, I've read something about a rail-to-rail opamp on the internet and I want to design one, just the soft part, and I am not sure if I get some things right. For example: Let's assume that my Supply Voltages are Vss = -5 V and Vdd=5 V In a rail-to-rail op amp I need my input to be anywhere...