mosfet control

  1. K

    Double BTS7960 43A H-Bridge suitable for peltier heat and cool control?

    Hi sir, I am trying to find a suitable solution for heating and cooling of a special part of my circuit. For that, I have chosen a Peltier element and would like to use an Double BTS7960 43A H-Bridge motor driver module with a PWM Control. This H bridge module suitable for the regulation of the...
  2. M

    How can I make a MOSFET switch more sharp ?

    I want to make this circut to swich more sharp... Now, the MOSFET begins to drive gradually as the voltage is slowly rising on the capacitor. Can we make the MOSFET gate to see the voltage, only when it has raised above 6V ? What I'm trying to do is to get a "high" level in the mosfet drain for...
  3. Musakck

    Using mosfets to switch capacitors into series

    Me and my friends have been building a project for a couple of months now and we got stuck on on something we dont have much experience with. We need to connect 4 charged capacitors into series in order to have a higher voltage than the supply, we have been using relays and a arduino nano to do...
  4. P

    Looking for Suitable MOSFET circuit to drive currents from 50 ma to 2 A from a 12 volt source.

    I need to design a 12V dc circuit where I can turn on a variable current into a resistor load. I need two levels of current - ~50-75 ma for a few minutes, and 1-2 A for a few milliseconds. There is a chance the load will open under the high current scenario. I need help selecting a suitable...
  5. A

    Driving RFP30N06LE N-Channel MOSFET with TC4420 MOSFET Driver

    Hi all, I'm trying to drive a RFP30N06LE N-Channel MOSFET with TC4420 MOSFET Driver. The MOSFET is used to switch a [1W LED][1]. The input to the MOSFET driver is provided by the 5V from an Arduino Nano. But my circuit is not working: it seems that the VDD somehow leaks to the input of the...
  6. L

    Mosfet device selection for LED dimming.

    Hello everyone, I am thinking of developing a controller that can adjust the brightness of 12V, 50A, and 600W LED. - Mosfet 1 Spec Model : NTBLS0D7N06C Datasheet : Rds(on) : 0.75mΩ - Mosfet 2 Spec Model : IRFP1405PbF...
  7. Bhanu2626

    Does the MOSFET in the Schematic will work fine?

    I using the MOSFET IRFB3004PBF switching. 56.2V is a source voltage coming from the charger and 48 is the nominal voltage of the batter. switch S1 is for switching Vgs. Vgs=5 v. Rgs=10k ohms (connected to the gate terminal and battery ground). battery is 13s3p Nominal=48v Peak=54.6v Will MOSFET...
  8. S

    Can someone help me please!!!? IRFZ44n MOSFET heats up driving TEC Peltier

    Hello everyone, I would really appreciate if you could help me Im making a mini fridge controller (PID), using a 4n25 optocoupler, an IRFZ44n Mosfet and a tec peltier I connect it to a 12v and 3 A and arduino 5v As soon as the arduino code is uploaded and I connect it, the mosfet starts to...
  9. M

    drive mosfet with 3.3V, minimal component count

    i have a 3.3v digital pin, attempting to use a PNP to switch an Nfet (Vdrain=5v) on/off at a rate of 1kHz. i can't use the inverting-NPN method to drive the gate because that way the Nfet would be on for a few mS after POR. Here's my circuit with a minimal # of parts: Am i full of it? Is there...
  10. fablau

    Why did this zener diode explode?

    Hello everyone. Please, help me to understand why D1 of the circuit below exploded when I increased the voltage to 32v. Everything was working perfectly at 22V, then I increased the voltage to 32v and D1 exploded. As you can see from the schematics, that diode drives nine N-Channel MOSFETS when...
  11. 2

    Strange voltage spikes in MOSFET gate driver

    Hello, I have designed a TL494 half bridge power supply which simulates fine in LTspice but has some problems when soldered on a board and I can not figure out how to fix them. Schematic pictures are attached. 1. If I connect GDT1 and GDT2 as seen in the schematic pictures, the output...
  12. KaputFPV

    Mosfet array for low voltage and low current

    (I am quite new to electronics and pcb design.) (necessary files are attached, tell me if you need something else ) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi everyone, I am making a MOSFET...
  13. K

    P-MOS LED Load Current

    For the circuit below, how do you compute the current flowing from LED to 200R resistor? Without the p-mos the current is around ~8-9mA depending on Vled drop, but when there's p-mos the current was limited to 3mA.
  14. Kadav

    Is it possible to control the Output of a motor using PWM ?

    Hello i am trying to create a PID system with arduino and motor and im trying to varry the motor speed as the PV reaches the setpoint.... So the power comes from the arduino (replaced the arduino by a POT for demonstration purposes )and goes to the gate of a MOSFET , but i thaught the MOSFET...
  15. Rossosaurus

    Need a hand understanding a section on datasheet example schematic (CYPD3177 USB-C Controller)

    Hi all. I'm currently designing a circuit using a CYPD3177 USB Type C Controller to change the output voltage of a USB C power supply with power delivery support. I was looking at the example schematic in the datasheet to understand how the chip is used but I'm struggling to get my head around...
  16. LLofYorkshire

    Mosfet Switching Problem

    Hi, 1st post on the forum and very new to power electronics design, and to electronics in general. I designed the attached circuit to attempt to power on and off a solenoid coil. I have no prior experience of using mosfets, other than using off the shelf H-Bridge modules such as the IBT-2 and...