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I plan to make a pcb that drives peltier and heating pad. Only one of those works at the same time.

Load elements are parallel to capacitors. I have very little space on pcb so it would be nice if I could use only one inductor as it is in screenshot. I know it would be easier just to put two inductors.
Frequency will be 20kHz through low pass filter to act as variable constant current source.

My worry is the current flowing through inactive side diode and capacitor.
Would that be a problem?

Any advice is appreciated

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That circuit won't work, since no DC from the inductor can go through the capacitors to the loads.

The top circuit below is a basic design that uses PMOSFETs, requiring only one inductor, diode, and capacitor.

The bottom circuit uses N-MOSFETs for M1 and M3, if the loads can float.

The P-MOSFET control signals must go between 12V (off) and 0V (on).


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Yes, I assumed the heater+ and peltier+ are connected to common.
But why D2 and D4? - as the loads are not inductive. And why C74 and C75? These are going to cause massive current surges when the MOSFETs switch on.

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I know it would work with two inductors (attached picture) but it would be nice if I didn't need second inductor (space, cost). This is also an opportunity to learn new principles. I don't trust simulations. In case with one inductor (my first post) inactive capacitor is charging through active inductor (one side is turned on, other is turned off) so I assume that inductor oscillations will leak through capacitor and discharge in flyback diode. Correct me if I am wrong. If this is right, would these leaks cause problems?



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The circuit seems to work, but there does seem to be an issue with current in the load that is supposed to be off, but that could just be a problem with the sim.

I could have made a mistake in the circuit, and I used the components available, not the ones listed.

And something odd, the diode that conducts when a given MOSFET is on, is not the one you might expect.



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I don't see why it wouldn't work with a single inductor as hoped. And now that I think about it, one capacitor (and one diode, if it's doing anything) should be enough as well since only one load is turned on at a time. My LTspice simulation failed with a floating node and I can't find it. Any advice on that?