1. Younes Thabet

    what is the filter used in DC-DC flyback converter input ?

    Hello, I was looking into using something similar to what is used in this reference design by TI. But I didn't understand the input side of this circuit, especially the purpose of the input series resistors and capacitors C1, C2, and C3. Can someone please explain the input side of this...
  2. Stas06

    Effect of 10x Capacitor on Amplifier circuit

    Hi all, I bought capacitors of 22kµ instead of 2.2kµ. I was wondering whetther this circuit could still work with the 22kµ and what the effect is on the circuit. I'm not a electrical engineer so my knowledge is rather limited in this field. My best guess would be that these are used for the...
  3. fujigoata

    LM386 Input filter trouble

    Hello. I am new to electronics and I am trying to complete an LM386 audio amplifier that includes a bandpass filter between 5 and 33 Hz. I know some of the frequencies are outside the frequency range humans can hear. I am testing using a function generator on NI Multisim to get around this. My...
  4. selva97

    Ferrite bead vs Bypass Capacitor

    Why we are using ferrite bead and bypass capacitor, if both are for removing noise? Can you explain why we are using both in the circuit and difference between using them, and where we need to use and how to calculate it?
  5. K

    filtering / shielding for RF power supply from usb-pd

    Hi all, you’re probably going to say this is a dumb idea, but please instead consider it a challenge... I’m trying to build a 12V power supply to use with RF projects. The catch is that I want to try to make it run off of usb-pd, from a usb-pd decoy board. I’m trying to get as clean of a power...
  6. Z

    Finding correct value of components to get the centre frequency of a band reject filter at 30kHz

    Hello! I have to design a band reject filter using two capacitors, two resistors and a load resistor of 1kOhm. I already figured out the appropriate circuit and had derive the transfer function of the filter. I had chose the values for the capacitors, C = 0.01uF and the value of load...
  7. D

    Non-Inverting Amplifier (AC Coupled) : How to solve this circuit with lower and high frequency?

    I need to design this circuit with a gain of 26 for signals where the frequency varies from 800Hz to 8kHz and I also need to find out the current on the RL load. (VA = 100mV) Will C1 behave like an open circuit in ac analysis? I am getting to lower the frequency (800Hz) but I am not able to...
  8. xenon_eleven

    Active Butterworth Bandpass Filter unexpected peak

    I am currently trying to design a bandpass filter in a simulator for a university assignment to the following criteria: Frequencies below 1KHz and above 250KHz should be attenuated. Note that you will need to calculate the cut off frequencies given the pass band (1KHz to 250KHz) should not be...
  9. A

    Three-phase EMI filter. LTspice

    Hello. Could you help me understand how to create a three-phase EMI filter? For example, I chose a full-bridge inverter with parameters P = 100kW, f_switch = 100 kHz. The noise measurement is performed using the LISN. The results of the simulation (calculation time 0-50ms) In this graph...
  10. T

    Could not understand why noise cancellation must be at (fs-fc) for -60dB

    I have the overview of signal with cut-off frequency fc that I want to sample using an ADC with sampling frequency of fs, I have seen that some of my colleagues wanted to dumb any noise at -60dB at frequency fs-fc as you see it in the picture. for my understanding of nyquist theorem, I need to...
  11. C

    Using audio LC filter circuits instead of RC.

    I'm designing a small mixer and stopped at the equalizer section when I recalled the number of small inductors (axial and SMD) in my parts kit. If you search 'filter circuits' or similar you'll ALWAYS get the standard RC topologies, and I'm thinking more of IC feedback types than the usual...
  12. P

    Finding the Size of Inductor and Capacitor

    Hi, i have calculated the L and C value for filter circuit for Three phase inverter, now i would like to know the size and weight of the filter circuit for the L and C value i have calculated. Can anyone help me on how to do this ? Thank you. Raj
  13. S

    8th order sallen-key butterworth lowpass filter

    Hi guys, I'm running into some problems designing a 10MHz 8th order sallen-key butterworth lowpass filter. My requirements are: cornerfrequency f_c = 10 MHz max passband gain of 0.5dB filterorder of 8 available components: resistors, capacitors, op-amps What I have tried so far: I found...
  14. Nurahmed Omar

    Frequency Response of LC Filter has a Peak with an Impedance Load

    Hi, I am designing an LC filter with a cut-off frequency of 20 kHz for the Class-D amplifier. The filter schematic is shown in Fig.1 top right. I understand how to choose the LC values for the critically damped case for the pure resistive load as shown in Fig. 2. The problem is I want to drive...
  15. Sphades

    I need help with a LED Organ circuit.

    Hello guys! This is my first post here, so I'm sorry if I break any rules or anything. I'd need some help with an LED Organ circuit. This is the design I came up with: It's just a crossover circuit connected to 3 transistors that are supposed to pull the LED's low. Problem is that it is not...
  16. Sudip Mandal 2

    Interfacing circuit for Piezoelectric vibration sensor to detect shock

    I want to detect the mechanical shock of a machine. To measure the vibrational shock I am using Minisense 100 Piezoelectric vibration sensor. I have done the feasibility test using it and it is giving output as expected. I have observed on the oscilloscope output frequency for all type...
  17. calmd

    LCL Filter Plant Control

    Hi everyone! I don't know if this is the place to ask Control Theory related questions, but it's for modelling a power electronics circuit so I thought I could at least try. I have to design a grid connected inverter in Simulink using the PLECS toolbox and I ran into some problems when designing...