1. Younes Thabet

    Can IGBT gate drivers drive Si, SiC MOSFET, and vice versa?

    Hello All, For example, this gate driver from Ti (UCC21520) can drive GaNFET, IGBT, and MOSFET. But can it drive SiC MOSFET? Or maybe the IGBT Gate Driver (NCV57000) from onsemi, can it drive Si/SiC MOSFETs? why not a generic gate driver that can drive all switching devices? Thank you,
  2. M

    High Side Switching of IGBT

    I am using a IR2101 gate driver circuitry to switch the high side IGBT ON (I do not want it to be periodic). Hence I found out that since I am not frequently switching the IGBT, the bootstrap circuitry doesnt not work since the capacitor cannot charge up. I therefore found out 2 ways I can...
  3. PhysicsSolvesAll

    "If all the IGBTs are good, then all the SMD resistors, capacitors and zeners on the legs of the IGBTs are good"

    Is there such a thing as "If all the IGBTs are good, then all the SMD resistors, capacitors and zeners on the legs of the IGBTs are good" in the inverter welding machines? That is, as long as at least one of the IGBTs does not explode, will the SMD elements underneath remain intact?
  4. A

    How to use of GaN Transistor gates instead of IGBT in this circuit ?

    I have a boost converter circuit. its designed with IGBT . But I wanna use GaN transistor and simulate it . But GaN Transistor has two gates . Do I have to use two gates or using one gate is enough ? How can it be its design with vpulse values and resistor? I added photo of circuit, GaN...
  5. A


    For identical absolute max current and voltage ratings, which one is more reliable, IGBT or MOSFET? For 600v, 20A for example, MOSFET is significantly cheaper than IGBT. I'm not sure if it is by chance, but if mosfet is truly cheaper for similar thermal and electrical characteristics, then is...
  6. L

    Determine Instant Time on IGBT

    Hello everyone, i found an appilcatin note to appyling IGBTs and there are Formulas to calculate turn-on/off switching Energy on IGBTs my question is, how can i determine t1,t2,t3 and t4? Thanks
  7. Dimbel36

    IGBT Gate Driver Selection

    Hello, I'm designing a resistive load bank. Currently, I am designing the switch that will be controlled by a control signal via Arduino uno rev 3. The bidirectional switch is composed of two back-to-back igbts connected by their emitters with anti-parallel diodes. (Due to cost, there are two...
  8. D

    Overflow-multiply error in PSpice when swapping one IGBT for another

    Hi. I'm trying to simulate this full-bridge single phase inverter for a project at school in PSpice. As the main objective is picking the IGBT switches and making them work in a full converter, I am just using a simple pulse voltage source for the modulation. I made it work with the default...
  9. G

    Increasing Mosfet Driver Output current

    Hello everyone, So I'll get to the point, I have parallel IGBTs(G60N100BNTD) and running them in a Half bridge setup, with an isolation transformer. The problem is My Driver (UCC27425) ìs overheating, when I take a look at the wave forms the Igbt's Capacitive gate is around 6nf each, which...
  10. aadi2096

    Heating control of a Induction Heater

    Hi Guys, I have been looking around and working with the ZVS IH for a while now. But the problem is that it needs huge current in low voltage. I was thinking of a High voltage Low current IH. But couldn't find any thing good. My main motto here is to control the heating effect. I am trying to...