Can IGBT gate drivers drive Si, SiC MOSFET, and vice versa?

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Younes Thabet

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Hello All,

For example, this gate driver from Ti (UCC21520) can drive GaNFET, IGBT, and MOSFET. But can it drive SiC MOSFET?
Or maybe the IGBT Gate Driver (NCV57000) from onsemi, can it drive Si/SiC MOSFETs?

why not a generic gate driver that can drive all switching devices?
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GaN Gates are different. There are many different type of GaNs but many have a max voltage of +6V and some -2V. Read the data sheet. Some GaNs have a turn on voltage of 0.9V. Most should be driven to +5 for good turn on.

The rest, again read, but most can take +20V and -20V. (some +/-30V)

Also look for the turn on voltage, and the operating voltage.

Some parts have a Zener look to the gate. I have found parts that pull current at some positive voltage and -2V. This is done for input protection. It is not common.

I have used the same Gate Driver for everything, but it is hard to find a IC that will work at only 5V for a GaN and 20V for a MOSFET.

UCC21520: If you use it on GaN check which version of IC and if it will work down to 5V output supply. The part look new and fast for SiC and GaN.
I cannot get most TI parts with isolation. It is a real problem for 2 years. Do not design in any part without ordering the parts first. !!!!