1. Younes Thabet

    how to deduce thermal resistance of heatsinks from thermal performance graphs ?

    Hello all, I chose this heatsink ( OMNI-UNI-18-50 ) to be used for each 2 SiC MOSFETs out of 6, I calculated the largest permissible thermal impedance between the junction and ambient air to be 4 C/W and the total power to be dissipated for every 2 MOSFETs is 36W. The MOSFET junction-to-case...
  2. Younes Thabet

    Can IGBT gate drivers drive Si, SiC MOSFET, and vice versa?

    Hello All, For example, this gate driver from Ti (UCC21520) can drive GaNFET, IGBT, and MOSFET. But can it drive SiC MOSFET? Or maybe the IGBT Gate Driver (NCV57000) from onsemi, can it drive Si/SiC MOSFETs? why not a generic gate driver that can drive all switching devices? Thank you,
  3. A

    Does Anyone have C3M0032120K or C3M0032120D Pspice .lib file ?

    I am searching C3M0032120K or C3M0032120D Sic Mosfet Pspice " .lib file ". There is only ".olb file " I have found so far . Does anyone help me ? Maybe someone studied with this model .
  4. A

    Is there a way to get .lib file from .olb file for Orcad Cadence Pspice ?

    I have a question . I am looking for Pspice models of C3M0032120D symbol. It is a Sic Mosfet. https://octopart.com/c3m0032120d-wolfspeed-104939828?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1NmEv6qr-QIVmuFRCh1icwaNEAAYASAAEgKdKvD_BwE#CadModels In this link or in other links when I download cad models , there is only...
  5. O

    SiC MOSFET as a HV connector

    Dear members of the community! I am trying to investigate the use of SiC MOSFET as a HVDC connector (to connect and disconnect the HV bus and an inverter), and I was wondering if it is possible to omit snubbers and pre-charge circuit for the MOSFET by varying the gate resistor? Low space/weight...