gate drivers

  1. Mohammed SETTI

    LTspice inconsistent MOSFET gate driver behavior

    Hello, I am working on a 7-level power micro-inverter which composed mainly by power MOSFETs. These logic-level MOSFETs (IRLZ24NS) are driven by separate photovoltaic gate drivers with integrated fast turn-off (Broadcom ACPL-K30T). The problem comes when I try to simulate the circuit and compare...
  2. flaviotmz5

    Gate driver for two switch forward converter

    I'm trying to understand how to drive the MOSFET's in the two-switch forward, I designed a 200W DC-DC converter, 50V input 100V output but I was looking for using an MCU and IC in this case I have an IR2110 high side low side for the gate drive, I don't know if it is possible to use it? and if...
  3. 2

    Strange voltage spikes in MOSFET gate driver

    Hello, I have designed a TL494 half bridge power supply which simulates fine in LTspice but has some problems when soldered on a board and I can not figure out how to fix them. Schematic pictures are attached. 1. If I connect GDT1 and GDT2 as seen in the schematic pictures, the output...
  4. Dimbel36

    IGBT Gate Driver Selection

    Hello, I'm designing a resistive load bank. Currently, I am designing the switch that will be controlled by a control signal via Arduino uno rev 3. The bidirectional switch is composed of two back-to-back igbts connected by their emitters with anti-parallel diodes. (Due to cost, there are two...
  5. J

    High Side Gate Driver Connections.

    Referring in particular to pages 23, 27 and 33 of the attached datasheet for isolated gate driver UCC 5390 S [from TI] to be used to power the high side gates of IGBTs in an H-Bridge module, is it correct that the 5V input to the VCC1 pin may be provided by an MCU [PVM], as suggested by the...