gate drivers

  1. Younes Thabet

    How to source a 5A of current to charge the gate capacitor of a power MOSFET?

    Hello all, I have been checking the EVAL-ADUM4146 evaluation board for the ADUM4146 gate driver. In this board, they are using a (2W, +15/-3, +93/-185mA) isolated DC-DC converter module which is the R12P21503D. And in the gate driver datasheet, it says: 11 A short-circuit source current (0 Ω...
  2. Younes Thabet

    Can IGBT gate drivers drive Si, SiC MOSFET, and vice versa?

    Hello All, For example, this gate driver from Ti (UCC21520) can drive GaNFET, IGBT, and MOSFET. But can it drive SiC MOSFET? Or maybe the IGBT Gate Driver (NCV57000) from onsemi, can it drive Si/SiC MOSFETs? why not a generic gate driver that can drive all switching devices? Thank you,
  3. Morteza Jamei

    Why ir2113 IC dont have any output in LO and HO pins?

    Hi guys, I use ir2113 ic for driving IRF260 Mosfets, but IC dont have any output in LO and HO pins when i cheked it with osiloscope, can anyone help me why ir2113 IC dont have any output in LO and HO pins? My switching freq is 100KHz. This is the ir2113 schem:
  4. M

    High Side Switching of IGBT

    I am using a IR2101 gate driver circuitry to switch the high side IGBT ON (I do not want it to be periodic). Hence I found out that since I am not frequently switching the IGBT, the bootstrap circuitry doesnt not work since the capacitor cannot charge up. I therefore found out 2 ways I can...
  5. Mohammed SETTI

    LTspice inconsistent MOSFET gate driver behavior

    Hello, I am working on a 7-level power micro-inverter which composed mainly by power MOSFETs. These logic-level MOSFETs (IRLZ24NS) are driven by separate photovoltaic gate drivers with integrated fast turn-off (Broadcom ACPL-K30T). The problem comes when I try to simulate the circuit and compare...
  6. flaviotmz5

    Gate driver for two switch forward converter

    I'm trying to understand how to drive the MOSFET's in the two-switch forward, I designed a 200W DC-DC converter, 50V input 100V output but I was looking for using an MCU and IC in this case I have an IR2110 high side low side for the gate drive, I don't know if it is possible to use it? and if...
  7. 2

    Strange voltage spikes in MOSFET gate driver

    Hello, I have designed a TL494 half bridge power supply which simulates fine in LTspice but has some problems when soldered on a board and I can not figure out how to fix them. Schematic pictures are attached. 1. If I connect GDT1 and GDT2 as seen in the schematic pictures, the output...
  8. Dimbel36

    IGBT Gate Driver Selection

    Hello, I'm designing a resistive load bank. Currently, I am designing the switch that will be controlled by a control signal via Arduino uno rev 3. The bidirectional switch is composed of two back-to-back igbts connected by their emitters with anti-parallel diodes. (Due to cost, there are two...
  9. J

    High Side Gate Driver Connections.

    Referring in particular to pages 23, 27 and 33 of the attached datasheet for isolated gate driver UCC 5390 S [from TI] to be used to power the high side gates of IGBTs in an H-Bridge module, is it correct that the 5V input to the VCC1 pin may be provided by an MCU [PVM], as suggested by the...