"Troubleshooting a Circuit: Boosting a 3.3V 20kHz Pulse to 15V for IGBT Gate Input with 24V Power Supply Using Bootstrap Method"

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After boosting the 3.3V 20khz pulse wave to 15V using a push-pull stage
IGBT gate terminal input. And 24V power is IGBT's collector
And I want to use the bootstrap.
But it seems that the operation of this circuit is not normal. What is the problem and how can I fix it?
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What you need is to re-arrange your circuit to be similar to this part of one of my circuits, shown below, from the BC184 onwards. I haven't got time to re-draw it, but I'm sure you'll get the idea!


It's effectively the same as yours, if you put your bootstrap diode in the 15V line, take the bootstrap capacitor to the 15V line after the diode cathode, and connect your PNP transistor's collector to the IGBT's Emitter!
You will need a load in the IGBT Emitter though for it to work!
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