Overflow-multiply error in PSpice when swapping one IGBT for another

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Dan Gumeni

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Hi. I'm trying to simulate this full-bridge single phase inverter for a project at school in PSpice.
As the main objective is picking the IGBT switches and making them work in a full converter, I am just using a simple pulse voltage source for the modulation. I made it work with the default ideal switches in PSpice and with another real switch I previously picked. However, when I try to use a new IGBT (IKW15N120T2) I get this overflow-multiply error, in the exact same system that was working before. Would appreciate any suggestion someone could give me. Thank you.


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Your electronic circuit will not work with real transistors. The upper transistors are not controlled correctly at all. You will not get around to two pulse sources. You will need four pulse sources. Two of these sources must not be grounded.