1. E

    Which push button switch do I need?

    Dear All, I want to install a so-called 'kill switch' in my electric guitar and I need a specific switch that DOES allow electricity to pass through in 'normal' mode, but NOT when you press it. The switch should also spring back automatically when you press it. I found the following on bol.com...
  2. ThatJamieSGuy

    Latching switch to trigger a dual edge pulse?

    Hi all, I am a mechanical engineer and very limited in my electronics knowledge so please forgive me if this is a fairly simple question for you wizards. I am working on a hobby project where I'm fitting an Intel NUC into a GameCube case. I want to reuse the GC's original power switch, which...

    Questions about Buck converter

    What is the role and purpose of the 470uf capacitor? Is it simply disconnected because it's connected in parallel with 330uF? And 5 pin out is 15V pulse or low pulse? What is the expected transformer ratio?
  4. L

    Question about a control logic needed to be implemented

    Hello everybody.I have to implement the in house circuit cc-ih circuit which is an energy harvester circuit using simscape electrical. The description of the circuit can be found on page 7 of the pdf at Finite element-based assessment of energy harvesting in composite beams with piezoelectric...
  5. G

    Controlling relay module by using snap switches, no R Pi's or Arduinos

    I have a mechanical system I'm building and I want to use snap switches to control the order of operations. The order will be something like this. 1. Run 1 revolution of the electric motor, then stop motor. 2. Activate solenoid. 3. Activate second electric motor for 1 revolution. 4. Begin...
  6. dmarciano84

    Sequential Manual Switches with Logic Gates

    I am currently working on a project (Tesla Coil) and I built a very simple controller which connects to the neon sign transformer (NST). First there is a main switch which connects to the 120V mains and then a second "activate" switch which provides power to the NST. This is the current design...
  7. C

    12v Automotive Light Switch

    Hi all, I'm looking for some help with a light switch from the rear interior lights of a Vauxhall Insignia. I've scoured the internet with the parts numbers and manufacturer assembly numbers etc and came back with no results. All I know is that this is an on/off push button switch made by...
  8. Jovanny-T

    Add a down limit switch to a hoist

    Hi, I have an electric hoist trupper brand, this comes with a control and a switch that disables the ascent after a certain point, I want to add another to disable the descent. I tried putting the switch between B and 10 but it disabled the up and made it go down if I pressed up or down. I...
  9. S

    SmartHome door Sensors

    Hey Guys, I have a weird question about SmartHome door Sensors. I purchased one just to look at it and I am confused. There is the main control board and shell and then the magnet and shell. With home alarms reed switchs are used the the magnet opens or closes the switch. I was expecting the...
  10. K

    Like a CD4053BN but with more switches

    Hi, The CD4053B has only 3 identical bilateral analog spdt switches on it. Does anyone know of any chip that has more so I don't have to buy too many of these? Thanks.
  11. Elgordoroberto

    Ic led switch circuit

    Hello all, I’m helping my daughter with a design project and part of it needs a simple led control circuit. Using a single push button and 4 leds, I need an ic circuit that would light led 1 with th e first button push, led 1 &2 with the second, led 1,2,&3 with the third button push, leds...
  12. G

    What is the simplest switch circuit I can build for a 30-amp (220v) machine?

    I was considering using a Rele but they don't work very well with high current (the ones that work are expensive) since its a high current I need the circuit to hold and at the same time not have much resistance when the current is passing through it. Is there any circuit I could use? I think...
  13. K

    Repairing Christmas/Fairy Lights

    I have a little experience with wiring after having to hot-wire my aftermarket radio in my car when changing it out, however I do not know how to fix this issue. The wires in the plug were loose and the lights were not turning on because of this, so i cut it off and figured it'd be as simple as...
  14. Z

    Guitar effect on stripboard, tips for ignorants

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum. I am not an electronics guy, but as an engineer, and a fairly manual person, I think I will be able to juggle enough. I want to build a guitar pedal from scratch (starting from "easy level"), to help me I used a graphic app on which to convert the diagram...
  15. Andersons

    Tough and stiff switch

    Hello, I’m looking for a strong high quality switch with very high actuation force, I will control two loads with it and need a center off position like this: ON-OFF-ON. A ON-ON-ON switch will work too. Number of poles doesn’t matter, rocker or toggle doesn’t matter. It need to be no bigger than...
  16. Dynam0

    Making a portable battery powered mini pc

    As the title says, i want to build a custom mini pc. The reason i'm not buying just a laptop or a mini pc are many...First of all i want something that will be able to be upgraded in the future without problems, that's why i'm putting a Micro-Atx inside instead of a laptop mobo. 2nd i want...
  17. Bruno Malbusca

    Power switch PMOS controlled by button or Microcontroller (or both)

    Hello, I´m trying to design an analog circuit to use a push button to turn on an MCU and then use it the same push button to change modes. A "one push button circuit". To achieve that, I used a pmos to work as a switch on the power signal and then used a 2 nmos circuit for or signal circuit that...
  18. T

    how can I read better datasheet of Relay(TX2SL-LT-12V-TH) to connect its pin properly?

    I have been looking around of this data sheet so I can know which pin I connect to the DC and which one I can use for NC or NO so I make my circuit running. on the data sheet I could not find due my lack experience in using relays, the pins and their functions on the following data sheet:relay...
  19. Siridean

    Top Level Design help for a 'switching array'

    Hello, I was hoping to get some help/advice on a personal project I'm working on that requires quite a bit more electronic hardware involvement than I'm used to. I can manage code, computers, microcontrollers etc fine but I'm not very well educated in general electronic hardware at all besides...
  20. K

    How does this four-pin reset switch work?

    Hello, I am studying a schematic, and am not sure how this reset switch is supposed to work: I cannot find any other switch that uses this symbol, and it just looks like all of the pins are shorted to ground. I don't understand why/how this switch works on the actual board. Is anyone able to...