1. J

    Error while running the mandelbrot program in the eclipse package.?

    This is the eror: Description Resource Path Location Type make: *** No rule to make target ../Project_bsp//HAL/inc/io.h ../Project_bsp//HAL/inc/alt_types.h, needed by obj/default/chu_main_frac_test.o. Stop. Project C/C++ Problem. You can also see the error program at the following...
  2. Samwilliams_4

    Help with dice game code errors on PIC 18F452 microcontroller

    Im trying to finish a dice game code on a PIC 18F452 microcontroller using assembly language by tomorrow morning and only have 7 errors left in his code. If i can fix the remaining 7 errors, i won’t have to drop the class so if anyone can help out tonight that would be greatly appreciated. Here...
  3. D

    Overflow-multiply error in PSpice when swapping one IGBT for another

    Hi. I'm trying to simulate this full-bridge single phase inverter for a project at school in PSpice. As the main objective is picking the IGBT switches and making them work in a full converter, I am just using a simple pulse voltage source for the modulation. I made it work with the default...