1. D

    Overflow-multiply error in PSpice when swapping one IGBT for another

    Hi. I'm trying to simulate this full-bridge single phase inverter for a project at school in PSpice. As the main objective is picking the IGBT switches and making them work in a full converter, I am just using a simple pulse voltage source for the modulation. I made it work with the default...
  2. Veek

    Multiple-input controlled sources and Tuinenga SPICE book pg27

    https://www.pspice.com/multiple-input-controlled-sources-and-tuinenga-spice-book-pg27 (briefly how is he getting k8.v2.v3 in the images) He's trying to use POLY(dimension) to model a source using a polynomial to represent it. Form of Poly is k0 + k1x + k2x^2 and so forth so.. how the heck has...
  3. Veek

    How do you load a PSpice netlist into LTSpice and run an analysis/generate a schematic?

    So I have this simple resistor divider circuit in PSpice/from a book/NGSpice - how do I load it in LTSpice/Linux/Wine? (I'm reading from SPICE A Guide to Circuit Simulation but I am also reading from Passive Circuit Analysis with LTSpice. The former has the example) I tried manual loading in...