What should be connected to the 5th pin of transformer?

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Hello, I'm an electronics engineering student, currently trying to design a circuit that includes a transformer.
I'm using Orcad's Capture (Pspice) software.

When I searched "Transformer", this part appeared as 'Generic Transformer', the part name goes by 'PWMXFM'. It has 5 connections, I uploaded the screenshot.
It may be sound like a silly question but, what goes to the E pin? I tried to ground it, did not worked.

I've searched through the internet by that part name, nothing came out.
There are some alternatives that work but as a student, I wanted to learn what that is.


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The E pin is the Earth Ground connection for the laminated frame or in some cases, a shield between input and output windings.
Galvanic isolation.
In some cases one side of the secondary may also be connected to earth ground.