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  1. A

    Is there a way to get .lib file from .olb file for Orcad Cadence Pspice ?

    I have a question . I am looking for Pspice models of C3M0032120D symbol. It is a Sic Mosfet. https://octopart.com/c3m0032120d-wolfspeed-104939828?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI1NmEv6qr-QIVmuFRCh1icwaNEAAYASAAEgKdKvD_BwE#CadModels In this link or in other links when I download cad models , there is only...
  2. A

    How to Get GS-065-060-5-T-A model .olb file in Orcad Capture Pspice ? There is only .lib file .

    I am using Orcad Capture Pspice simulation. https://gansystems.com/gan-transistors/gs-065-060-5-t-a/ In this link there is spice models. When I download it there is only .lib file. But I need .olb file too. I read user guide pdf but I couldn't get .olb file for pspice. Is there anyone can...
  3. L

    i finished my circuit on capture cis but got this error after trying to simulate "pin B in template not found on R1"

    here is what the circuit supposed to look like: here is how i made it on cis capture: and this is the error i got:
  4. A

    How to solve that Pspice circuit capacitance component problem ?

    Hi its a boost converter circuit. its mean it make increase applying voltage on the output . I am applying 201.6 volt and I should see approximately 650 volt on the output. But I have a problem about capacitor. When I use basic capacitor, I realised that my capacitor is not working well...
  5. A

    How to get correct graph in this Pspice circuit when simulate it ?

    Hi I am studying a dc dc converter model. My friend drew this circuit and got this graphic. I added his circuit and graph . But I draw same model , same numbers for resistors capacitors v pulse source ,inductor, diode but my graph is very different. Actually my V pulse source looks like doesn't...
  6. andradeomar77

    Different output in Orcad Capture and LTSpice

    Hi, i been trying to understand why Orcad Capture is given me differents values in the simulation to given by LTSpice. I did the calculations manually and only the Orcad Capture output is correct. Why? This is a picture of my circuit in Orcad Capture And this is a picture of my LTSpice...
  7. S

    Facing an unexpected voltage drop across output

    Hello all, I am using a Step-Down Converter (Part Number: TPS543C20RVFT from TI) set up in a Two-Phase Master-Slave configuration on board. I feed the input of 5V and expect 0.85V at the output. During startup, the requirements are met, but after configuring the program on the board, I am...
  8. 7

    What should be connected to the 5th pin of transformer?

    Hello, I'm an electronics engineering student, currently trying to design a circuit that includes a transformer. I'm using Orcad's Capture (Pspice) software. When I searched "Transformer", this part appeared as 'Generic Transformer', the part name goes by 'PWMXFM'. It has 5 connections, I...