How to solve that Pspice circuit capacitance component problem ?

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Ali Z

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its a boost converter circuit. its mean it make increase applying voltage on the output .
I am applying 201.6 volt and I should see approximately 650 volt on the output.
But I have a problem about capacitor. When I use basic capacitor, I realised that my capacitor is not working well.
Because i got 160 volt on the output (R1) . And after that I chose discrete capacitor (on the image you can see) ,
I got 540 volt on the output . But This time it happen a green dot on the capacitor . İts writing an error when I click. Simulation is not working well on the capacitor like that.
Basic capacitors have simulation result but they are not working well shows 160 volt on the resistor(R1), but also these type of capacitors on the image give error . What can I do ? Which capacitor should I chose?
I added image of error on the capacitor and other errors online drc part.
That errors on the online drc parts affect my simulation ? or these errors are just an error about footprint ?