1. F

    Frequency and load sharing of two power generating source.

    Consider a generator and a inverter. Generator is producing power at 50 Hz and the inverter is producing power at 50.3 Hz . Both of the sources are supplying a common load. From which source the load will take power first?
  2. Rafaelhdz

    Inverter does not deliver the right Voltage

    Hi, I have been working on a duracell 3000 w inverter model drinv3000, long story short, my dad used it with power tools and now it does not work properly, he measured the voltage, and it delivers 104V AC instead of 115. I already checked almost every component on the board (desoldering them...
  3. Younes Thabet

    Is it good idea to resistor divide a 1kV voltage ?

    Hello all, I need to run a 12V/0.6A dc fan to cool the MOSFETs of an inverter with 1kV input. it would be overkill to use some power supply to step down the 1kV to 12V or any DCtoDC converter!.. I thought of using just a resistor divider to step down the voltage to an acceptable range to use a...
  4. Younes Thabet

    How to calculate the split DC-link capacitors used for making neutral point?

    Hello all, How do they calculate the split DC-link capacitors and the balancing resistors in the below image? The circuit is a 10-kW, Bidirectional Three-Phase Three-Level (T-type) Inverter by TI. Thank you,
  5. I

    FoM for power consumption on a transistor level

    Hello Everyone, I am fairly new to this so please bear with me. I have been looking at reducing the static power consumption in an IC, and have been mainly focussed to reduce the parasitics in the wiring in the BEOL. However, I was wondering that whether in the FEOL, on an n-type transistor...
  6. B

    IGBT Help

    Hi, i have a small 1.5kW wind turbine which i have hooked up to an turbine protection box. It converts 3 phase wild AC into DC with the addition of a dump load output for grid failures and over speeding. The box is designed to stop the DC voltage of the turbine going above 600v, protecting the...
  7. A

    PV solar inverter internal comunication board burned

    Hello, I need to repair this PCB. Do you think this board can be repaired without having access to a diagram? From the image what components do you think are burned? I'm a newbie, but where I live I cannot find any place where to repair circuits and I cannot have a replacement board because...
  8. M

    Oil well ignition module

    Help! I have an old natural gas engine that I have designed a Capacitor Discharge Ignition module for. The module uses a pre-made boost circuit that takes 12vDC from a truck battery / solar cell and boosts it to 350vDC that I then route to my ignition circuit. This worked great on the bench...
  9. B

    KL MMA160 inverter igbt arc welding machine does not weld although it gives an appropriate value of 52 output voltage

    The output of the KL MMA 160 inverter igbt arc welding machine is 52 Volts and as it should be. The fan is also working. 4 High-Speed Switching Diodes (1N 4148 5T) diodes exploded on the Transformer Rectifier circuit card of the machine, I replaced them with new ones, but it still does not...
  10. alrn

    Can I use BT139-800 or BT139-800E equivalent Triac for T16C8 ?

    Can I use BT139-800 or BT139-800E ? I am a beginner in electronics and trying to fix 875VA & 675VA inverter boards. Both inverters have problem in charging section. one inverter is taking high current from battery while inverter is on and then battery low indicates then inverter goes off and...
  11. PhysicsSolvesAll

    "If all the IGBTs are good, then all the SMD resistors, capacitors and zeners on the legs of the IGBTs are good"

    Is there such a thing as "If all the IGBTs are good, then all the SMD resistors, capacitors and zeners on the legs of the IGBTs are good" in the inverter welding machines? That is, as long as at least one of the IGBTs does not explode, will the SMD elements underneath remain intact?
  12. PhysicsSolvesAll

    The outputs of the FIMER 201 welding machine give 0 Volts and a clicking sound is heard from the control circuit

    The outputs of the FIMER 201 welding machine give 0 Volts and a clicking sound is heard from the control circuit and the yellow and green light lamps are constantly flashing. The Output Voltage is fluctiating. Why is the machine giving this error? What should be done to fix this fault? Which...
  13. S

    Hardware Interlock Circuit with AND & NOT Gates

    Here is my Hardware Interlock Circuit for Gate Signals which prevents both PWM Signals to be at same state at any given time. Here I want to reduce this two AND Gate IC's into a Single AND Gate IC. Or Is there any other way to implement the Hardware Interlock for Gate Signals ? Is there any...
  14. MrsssSu

    How to fix this circuit (IR 2184) ?

    Hi all, I refer to this website at here . This circuit should give a complementary square waveform (R1 square wave & R2 inverted square wave). However, I did get a good square wave across R2 but R1 did not get any square wave. Does anyone know how to fix this? I have attached my LT spice below...
  15. Summit23

    CD4047 Inverter, solar powered

    I am building this solar powered inverter: https://ibb.co/58m5L8B using a 12V, 0.8 Ah battery as the input source and a CD4047 IC for the inverter. However, the resistors connected to pin 2 are rated at 0.5W and the IC has a maximum power dissipation of 500 mW. I want to keep the efficiency of...
  16. Energy forever

    DC to AC

    What is simplest circuit to convert DC to AC when using a battery and a tranformer?
  17. maximekahn

    Inverter Buffers - Find CIn & CLoad, FanIn & FanOut

    Hi Community, I am currently studying delay propagation in inverter buffers and the properties of FanIn and FanOut. In the data-sheet we can find the two values of Cin and CLoad. I would like to know how to measure them in practice and determine the values FanIn and FanOut? Here the Datasheet...
  18. A

    Basic Inverter Voltage regulation

    Hi! I copied the DC-AC circuit from here, or specifically speaking this image (I didn't used the diodes because I think they are useless in described configuration). However when I observe AC voltage using DMM, I get the following results: 1. 5W LED bulb with capacitor shows voltage 37.4V 2. 5W...
  19. U

    Full bridge inverter using IR2110 giving output in patches

    I have made a full-bridge inverter using the IR2110 IC. The MOSFETs used are IRF540n. The bootstrap capacitor is 4.7uf. The diodes used are 1N5819 high-frequency Schottky diodes. The operating frequency is 50KHz. The input signal is given using an Arduino Uno. 1.5kohm gate to source resistor is...